Automatic Round Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer

ONCE Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd is a professional automatic screen printing machine manufacturer, we manufacture cylindrical screen printing machines, pad printing machines, hot stamping machines and peripherals. Our round screen printing machines are widely used in many fields like cosmetic bottle printing, water bottle printing, bucket printing, medical tubes printing etc. Our bottle silk printing machines and other cylindrical screen printing equipments have been popular all over the world, and gained great favor and trust.

ONCE Machinery always follows the core ideas “Efficiency, Superior Integrity Energy Saving, win-win business”. We also devote to provide suitable and excellent silk screen printing technical plan to our customers. ONCE Machinery has a strong and professional technology research and development team, so we can design and manufacturer cylindrical screen printing equipment according to customers’ requirements. We focus on continuous innovation and make our equipments more efficient and intelligent. We’ll provide not only high-quality cylindrical screen printing equipments, but also professional technical training for our customers, including knowledge about screen printing ink, screen printing screens, silk screen mesh, screen printing materials, local screen printing business tips, water bottle bulk screen printing tips etc.


Round Screen Printing Machines For Sale

ONCE TECH are your complete round screen printing machine design, manufacturing, and supplies service company. We provides full stack round printing equipment, and automatic cylindrical silk screen printing solution,  from basic manual round screen printing presses, to advanced, but simple-to-use, multi-color automatic round silk screen machines.

  • We have high-end bottle silk screen printing technology. We produce fully automatic or semi automatic bottle screen printing machines for sale.
  • The bottle we printed has clearer pattern and thicker color. And the color are more durable than that from other bottle screen printing machine manufacturers
  • We can customize bottle screen printing production line for you , according to your special requirements.
  • We are able to provide optional of more automation for you to upgrade your plastic or glass bottle printing production line!

Flat Screen Printing Machines For Sale

Flat screen printing machines are widely used in flat surface printing. They can print cosmetic powder compact, rulers, flat pens, etc. We have OS-324 Automatic Three-color Flat Screen Printing Machine, which has the most high-end technology of screen printing field.

  • The electric screen printing machine integrates the function of automatic loading/unloading system, loading/unloading robot had, ionic wind dedusting, ultraviolet curing and mechanical convey synchronously, product detection. These function guarantee an efficient screen printing process during your printing production.
  • We have automatic monitoring function: “no object, no printing” and an automatic alarm for air pressure monitoring. These functions were achieved by specialized electronic sensors.
  • We have advanced electrical components and control systems, which were imported from Germany and Japan, for high quality and stability printing.
  • Our operate system is understandable, and takes modular program controller and touch screen monitor.
  • We are able to customize flat screen printing production line for you according to your special requirements!