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Have you been bothered with bottle packaging printing? Special material, specific shape or how to print your bottle products may become the problem which you should consider when you make bottle packaging. ONCE TECH Bottle screen printing manufacturer provides bottle printing machines nearly solve all problems you may meet. Choose which one you preferred for your products, you will make a difference on your bottle packaging.
We provide bottle screen printing machines, which serve for round, square even specific shape bottles, and can print by single-color, muti-color printing ways. Plastic, glass, mental bottles can be printed. Nowadays, bottle screen printing machines are widely used in the field of industries of daily chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, personalised water bottles business, cosmetic bottles manufacture, etc.


Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machine

Automatic bottle screen printing machine collects complete printing process in a machine. Put the product on it, you will get a printing-finished one.
This type of machine integrates automatic feeding, automatic lifting printing, ultraviolet curing and other functions synchronously. It can also check the position of bottles before printing, which makes printing more precise and efficient. With specialized electronic sensors, it achieves automatic monitoring function such as“no object, no printing” and automatic alarm when air pressure is lower than its standard.
Fully automatic bottle screen printing machine suitable for large volume, single or multi-color screen printing production.

Semi-auto Bottle Screen Printing Machines

Semi-auto bottle screen printing machine provides more flexible process for you. You can adjust the speed of each part of this machine. The gear behind the mould can make printed objects back to the original place after printing, which is suitable for multi-color printing.
This type of printing machine achieves quick and simple tooling changeovers, precise mechanical registration. All controls of it are showed on the panel. The machine installed motor registration and optical sensor registration system can satisfy different requirements of customers.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Screen Printer Video

Screen Printed Bottle Samples

Semi-automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machines For Sale

Customized Bottle Screen Printing Line

If your bottle packaging has a special shape which is difficult to find suitable printer for. The customized bottle screen printing line is the best choice for you. Whatever the shape, material, application of objections are, customized bottle screen printing machine nearly satisfy all of your requirements.
We design that the machine integrates printing system into production line and packing line, then the printing limit of special product design will be eliminated. At the infeed system, filters automatically turn 90 degrees to lay down the infeed conveyor, and at the outfeed system, the filter stands up and goes to the packing line.
We usually customize screen printing line for personalized bottle packaging business partners. We almost can reach all of the requirements that our customers make. We have different price for different customized bottle screen printing line.
If you want more details, please connect with us. Give your comments or spent e-mails to us!

Q&A about ONCE Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machine

What kind of bottles your bottle screen printing machine can print?

When you sourcing the circular printing machine, you have to know what you will print. And tell us bottle shape, bottle dimensions, colors of artwork and annual production.

Here are the brief information of our machines can do,

  • For the bottle materials, our circular screen printing machines can print on plastics (PP, PET, PE, HDPE, LDPE, Tritan etc.), metals (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), and glass.
  • For the bottle shapes, it can print on cylinder, oval, square, and other special shap bottles.
  • For the size, we have standard machine which have a certain bottle size range.
  • We also have customized machine for different size bottles.
What's the price range of your bottle silk printing machine.

We have a wide range of machines for bottles from semi-automatic to full automatic type with different models. So we would like you can supply details of the product or printing requirements to us, we will help to find machine solutions, and quote the proper machine prices. The details required as below:

  • Bottle dimensions (diameterand height). This will decide use small machine or big machine.
  • How many colors will be printed?As we have 1 color machine to 6 color machine.
  • Bottle pictures, like printed bottle pictures, bottle bottom pictures, etc.The bottle photos to know the shapes whether our machine suitable to print it or not.
  • The print capacity per day or per month. This will decide use semi-automatic solution or fully automatic solution.

You are welcomed to send us bottle samples and we can help you to choose the correct machine or have solution for your reference.

How to test the machine before order?

Make a good print demonstration is recommended before buy the automatic bottle screen printing machine. You can come to our factory and check the machine quality and print quality by yourself, then you will know how the machine running, how you want to change to meet your print requirements, or our standard machine is what you want exactly.

You can send us some bottle samples first and we will know if our machine is capable to print it. If need test on 1 color machine, will require around 300 bottles to make fixtures and running whole cycles on machine, when the machine in 50ppm speed, it takes 5 minutes to finish the bottles.

What about service and support?

Installation and Training:

When you are first time to buy this kind of bottle printing machine you need our training for proper use and maintenance.

  1. We are available to send ourexperienced technicians to your facility for installation and training, normally take one week. And buyer should cover the round trip air tickets and accommodations. Or buyer send operator to our factory for three days training.
    The training is very important for buying new equipment, this will save your hours and improve production efficiency.
  2. Machine with 12months Within this period, all the electrical and pneumatic parts can be replaced for free.

Online Service:

We offer 6×15 hours online service.

Monday to Saturday, 8:00 – 23:00, China Standard Time (UTC/GMT+08:00)