Automatic Centrifuge Tube Printing Machine

Automatic centrifuge tube printing machine prints scale on objects such as all kinds of centrifuge tubes, injectors, and other medical round containers. It is widely accessible and used in the medical field. Centrifuge tube printing is a mass production process that does not need to design a special mold for making scale. This type of printing machine can print centrifuge tubes no matter what kind of material they were used. Generally speaking, a glass centrifuge tube and plastic centrifuge tube are the main printed objects.

Centrifuge Tube Printing Machine

Centrifuge tube printing machine is usually used to print medical objects. Using it to print has some advantages as follows.

  • It takes printing assembly line to create a mass printing production. This kind of machine puts the scale directly on the object, and it has a lower cost than design a centrifuge tube mold with scale.
  • Centrifuge tubes with printing scales are more practical. As printing with blue or black inks, the scale of centrifuge tubes made by centrifuge tubes printing machine is clearer and more user-friendly.
  • Centrifuge tube printing machine can also print a white square area for marking. This printing way is easier and more durable than stick a white paper on the objects. It also has no other process to make the two things as one.

Why Choose ONCE?

ONCE TECH is still trying to provide high-quality printing machines at affordable prices. We have advanced printing machine parts and personalized custom assembly printing machine services. For medical objects, clear printing environment is very important. ONCE takes the technique of ionic wind dedusting, which will provide an absolute clear printing environment for centrifuge tubes to ensure their normal utilization.

Advanced Machine Components:

  • The main drive system uses the transmission equipment of the famous brand in Europe with precise high-speed indexer so that it can make operations more stable and reliable. The maximum printing speed can reach up to 48000 Pcs/hr.
  • Equipped with Japanese OMRON PLC and touch screen, make sure the whole operation easy and simple.
  • The synchronous drive includes the German electro-optical system, Japanese servo positioning system, MITSUHASHI automatic correction system, and tension control system.

Sophisticated Printing Technique:

  • Printing ink can be solidified by UV curing or infrared drying, and gain more idea solidification effect on the base of ensuring stable performance and power saving.
  • Be provided with automatic monitoring function such as ionic wind dedusting, “no object, no printing”, automatic alarm due to low air pressure and waste or wrong material, etc.
  • With automatic feeding system and discharge mainpulator, not only ensure continuous and stable printing operation, but also avoid scratching surface of printed object during printing process and guarantee operator’s safe operation.

User-friendly operational system:

  • Equipped with world famous PLC controller and convenient touch screen, therefore the whole operation becomes easy and simple.

Price of Centrifuge Tube Printing Machine

ONCE THECH is able to design and produce a screen-printing production line according to our customers’ requirements. And the price of our centrifuge tubes printing machine is combined with the basic price and additional machine components.

There are some advanced components you can install for updating for centrifuge tube machine:

  • Bowl feeder with auto infeed system. With this equipment, you can reduce the labor cost.
  • USA SIMCO anti-static device, which can clear and neutralize the object surface.
  • Italy CCD system for reject products, which provide more efficient finished products.

Centrifuge Tube Printing Sample

Centrifuge Tube Printing Machine Application

Certrifuge Tube Printing Video