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Flat Screen Printing Machine

A flat screen printing machine is also called flatbed/flat bed screen printing machine. It is a traditional screen printing process printed on a flat surface substrate. The flat screen printing process is a printing technique. Flatbed screen printing is widely used in the textile industry, toy manufacturing, and other industries.

In order to give full play to the flat screen printing process, a flatbed printing press is essential. Nowadays many printed items can be easily printed by laying flat, so flatbed screen printing machine is even more important. Auto Print Tech as a flatbed printing machine manufacturer, we are proud in creating high quality flatbed printing press that meets your requirements. If you are ready to buy a flatbed screen printing machine, then contact our team to ask related questions today!

Applications of Flat Screen Printing Machine

As for flat screen printing, so this kind of screen printer has a wide range of applications.

First flat screen printing is widely used in industrial printing, which includes:

  • Transfer paper and decal printing. Like heat transfer film, water transfer film, ceramic decal printing, plastic sheet, metal sheet printing, etc.
  • Membrane switch printing. Like flexible or rigid membrane switches, appliance control switch printing, etc.
  • Automotive dashboard printing, like speedometer, dashboard, etc.
  • Nameplate and card printing. Like plastic or metal nameplate, machine nameplate, nameplate sticker, signage, credit card, door card, etc.
  • Stationery, souvenirs, and toy printing, like rulers, teaching tools, gifts, toy parts, etc.
  • Recycle bag printing, like jute bags, handbags, etc.
  • Casting cubic object printing, like basket, case, container, etc.
  • Other industrial parts printing, like molded plastic panel, injection plastic part, appliance shell, etc.

Another well-known application is graphic printing. It can print directly to flexible or rigid packaging paper sheets, plastic sheets, etc.

One of the important printing is glass screen printing. Like solar energy glass, automotive glass, window glass, tableware glass, appliance glass, etc.

PCB (printed circuit board) printing also is a large application area for this flat screen printing. Like legend printing, solder mask printing, and flexible printed circuit printing, etc.

There also have optoelectronic screen printing. Like phone cover lens printing, display panel printing, automotive display, etc.

Flat screen printing is also used in medical part printing. Like medical testing tool covers, and other medical tool parts printing.

Machine category introduction

Now after these years of development, Auto Print Tech has this type of machine range from semi automatic to fully automatic. Print size cover from small to large format size printing.

Semi automatic machines now have pneumatic-driven and electric-driven types. The pneumatic drove machine is usually for small-size printing like 200x300mm, 200x400mm, 300x400mm, and 300x500mm. This type of machine uses a well-known brand cylinder for the left/right stroke, and a slide guide for the up/down stroke to keep stable and fast printing. The electric-driven machine now we have regular print sizes like 300x400mm, 300x500mm, 400x600mm, 500x700mm, and 600x900mm. This kind of machine with dual axis (up/down, left/right stroke). And it is driven by an AC motor with a programmable PLC, and a touch screen controlled all the movements. This electric flat screen printing has a high precision printing tolerance. It has stable and continuous working conditions.

We also have other semi automatic models like rotary index worktables, and front/back slide worktables. This kind of machine will be most suited for small size flat part fast printing, can be easy to load and unload, and increase the printing capacity.

Fully automatic machines will be usually custom-made or designed for a certain project. The automatic machine can be one color to multi colors. This type of machine usually has full screen printing processes. Like auto loading, ionizing dust cleaning, flame treatment, screen printing, UV curing, and auto unloading. Multi-color printing can come out a complete printing part at once. It has high printing speed with accurate color registration. This type of machine will increase the production capacity and save labor costs more than semi automatic machines.

Flat Screen Printing Process:

Flat screen printing will same as cylindrical screen printing. Based on different materials, screen printing has a process from pre-print, screen print to post-print. Here will come to auxiliary machines. If printed on plastic like PP, HDPE, PE, etc, there will need a flame treatment unit (or plasma) for pre-print treatment. If printing UV ink, then will need a UV curing machine for post-print drying solution. Other parts of printing usually may need a drying tunnel, drying conveyor, drying rack, etc. on the post-printing solution.


For the flat bed screen printing consumables, it will be the same as other screen printing methods. Squeegee, usually the square type, with hardness range from 65-85 degrees based on different materials and parts. In ink, there usually will be solvent base ink and UV base ink. But some special printing will not ink like paste, glue, butter, etc. The etched screen frame will usually is an aluminum frame with a screen mesh. Auto Print Tech could have a full service for all consumables and spare parts.


Auto Print Tech flat screen printer has a well-built machine base and highly finished workmanship. Like worktable micro-adjustment, and machining part surface treatment. It will make our machine stable working and accurate printing.

Our machine has a wide range of models from pneumatic to electric and automatic, so the price also has a wide range of choices. For different printing projects, we have different printing solutions to meet the requirements.

Warranty & Service

Regarding the warranty, our machine will have 18 months warranty time. If any normal using damage to electric and pneumatic parts, we can send free replacement parts. And we also have a fast response with 7×14 hours of line service. For the automatic machine, we can send technicians overseas to support them if necessary.

Auto Print Tech has a strong engineering team. Despite the above standard screen printing machines, we also can do a different project with custom-made machines. We have solved many special projects. Such as auto flat screen printing working lines, large size PVC mat printing, coco chocolate film butter printing, etc.

With more than 10 years of exporting experience, Once Tech has a mature sale network. Including distributors, end-using customers, and resellers. So Once Tech flat screen printing machine is your right choice.