Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine VS. Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

Whether have you met this situation that you search in GOOGLE for Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine, while the result is relevant with Cylinder Screen Printing Machine? The two-word groups seem that only have little difference in the first word, noun, or adjective, but these two-word groups indicate very different things!

This article may take your only 5 minutes, while it can help you distinguish Cylinder Screen Printing and Cylindrical Screen Printing comprehensively.

I promise that it is very useful for every printing industry businessman.


What Is Cylinder Screen Printing Machine?

What Is Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine?

The Difference Between Cylinder Screen Printing and Cylindrical Screen Printing

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What Is Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

This machine is usually made by rolling cylinders. These cylinders were wrapped with a printing screen. Putting printing ink on the printing cylinder, rolling on printed objects, then the colorful patterns were printed on the object.

Printing Process of Cylinder Screen Printing Equipment

  • Adjusting the press as an appropriate rang can help your printed objects clearer.
  • Printed objects are conveyed among printing cylinders.
  • Every cylinder can provide a pattern with one color.
  • When the printed objects through among these cylinders, it is printed patterns step by step.

Nowadays, the manual cylinder printing equipment can not satisfy the need for the printing industry. Therefore, most of the cylinder printers take an automatic cylinder screen printer

Printed Objects of Cylinder Screen Printing Equipment

Soft flat objects are the most suitable printed objects of a cylinder screen printer, like paper, fabric, etc.

The cylinder screen printer also servers for bottles, while it needs the other two rolls to support the bottle.

What Is Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

Cylindrical Screen Printing equipment prints cylindrical objects with a flat printing screen. It works for printed objects like bottles, buckets, etc. It can put a more thick, clear color than label printing. At the same time, with its direct color putting, an automatic cylinder printing equipment may finish the all printing process only needing you to put the object on the enter.

Printing Process of Cylindrical Screen Printing Equipment

  • One screen can only print one color, cylindrical screen printing machine manufacturers make up screen printings as a production line.
  • Un-printed bottles convey into the cylindrical screen printing equipment. Two standing planks have lots of hollows that can fix the bottle and convey them under the screen.
  • Flat screen-roll on the bottle, then one color pattern print on the product.
  • Then printing ink can be solidified by UV curing or infrared drying, which promises a solidification effect on the base of ensuring stable performance and power saving.

The cylindrical screen printing process has a lot of parts of cylindrical printing. Solidification equipment follows every screen printing to ensure that your products printed clearly.

The Difference Between Cylinder Screen Printing And Cylindrical Screen Printing

cylindrical screen printing

cylinder screen printing


Cylinder screen printing wraps the screen on the printing cylinder. It prints objects by rolling on printed objects. Things only fitting for printing cylinders can be printed.

Cylindrical screen printing mainly printing cylindrical objects. Flat printing screens are its printers.

Printed Objects:

Cylinder screen printing can printing soft flat objects like fabric, the paper also can print bottles. While a kind of cylinder screen printer can only print one kind of object.

Cylindrical screen printing equipment widely used in round printed objects like bottles, buckets, etc. Special designs for its products and clearer colors make this printing method popular in the public.

Conclusion: Even there is some search result show that cylinder screen printer as cylindrical printing machine, while they are totally two different things.

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