How to Start a Cup Printing Business


Nowadays, the cup is not only a utensil for people to drink water but also a symbol. Many people choose Custom cup printing. They usually cup print photos, cup logo printing, or cup name printing. You want to do a cup logo printing business, the idea is great. Cup printing is a printing product that is closer to life.

Nowadays, people use disposable cups more and more frequently, and various cups are widely used. The current development of custom printed cups is relatively extensive. It can be used as a drinking appliance or as a carrier of advertising. It can be said to be very novel.

The necessity of starting a cup printing business


Each company will customize some gifts as promotional gifts, exhibition gifts, holiday gifts, gifts for customers, etc. Most companies will choose custom cup printing. Why does this happen? Because the cup can promote corporate culture through cup logo printing on the cup body and use the cup as a carrier of publicity. It plays a role far more than other ways of retroactive advertising. Coupled with its practicality, it has become the first choice for customized gifts of significant companies.


Many people now like to use cups as birthday gifts for relatives and friends. But many times they think it’s vulgar to only send a simple cup, so they like to print the name, date, or a paragraph on the cup. With custom printed cups, you can make your brother’s gift unique and memorable.

Evaluate the cost of your business

Staff salary

Even if you buy or lease a fully automatic cup screen printing machine, you also need staff management. Not to mention semi-automatic cup printers or manual cup printers. Staff salary costs depend on your salary package and the number of people you hire.

Venue cost

Unless you own a relatively spacious venue, you have to lease it. And also consider the size and location of the venue. Determine the size of your venue according to the size of the cup printing business you want to do. Moreover, you’d better choose a more remote environment, because the machine may produce noise.

Related costs of machinery and equipment

If you want to perform custom printed cups, then you should first consider the issue of the machine. Buy or rent? If you have enough funds, you can buy them. If it is not enough, should you consider financing or leasing? Besides, how many cup printing machines do you want to buy?

other fees

In addition to the purchase price of the cup screen printing machine, some other costs will be incurred. The biggest expense is electricity bills.

The other part of the cost is the repair and maintenance of the cup screen printing machine. Under normal circumstances, the equipment is rarely damaged. However, after a long period of use, it is difficult to guarantee that the cup screen printer will not have any problems. So there may be a part of replacement parts or repair costs in the future. However, the manufacturer now has an after-sales warranty service.

Determine the cup type for cup printing

Before starting your cup printing business, you must first plan what type of mugs for printing you want to serve. The common ones are mugs, coffee cups, paper cups, plastic cups, and tumbler cups.

Printed coffee cups

  • In the custom printed cups market, coffee cups are the most in-demand. People in any industry like to use coffee cups. There is no doubt that the market for custom printed coffee cups is very broad. You can choose the custom coffee cups industry without hesitation. In terms of color, the demand for custom black mugs is relatively large.

Ceramic Mug cup printing

  • The ceramic cup is environmentally friendly and durable. The tea stains and coffee stains in the cup are very easy to clean. In addition, it is resistant to high temperatures and has better thermal insulation properties. It is also a must-have drinking vessel for many people. Therefore, the prospect of custom mugs for printing is also better.

Transparent mug cup printing

  • Transparent mugs are usually made of glass, which is highly innovative. People like to use it as home furniture. It has a sense of design and is suitable for cold drinks or colored drinks. People like to perform custom cup printing on the surface of a transparent cup. Therefore, the market for transparent custom printed cups cannot be underestimated.

Travel mug printing

  • Travel mug is deeply loved by people who love to travel. They pursue individuality, and people with this personality often do some personalized things. Travel mug printing is also more in line with the character of people who love to travel.

Custom tea mugs

  • The teacups we usually see are all printed. Therefore, many people like custom tea mugs. They pursue taste and uniqueness, so they also like tea mugs for printing.

Paper cup printing

  • Disposable paper cups are easy to carry and use, and are inexpensive. They are generally used in some sales offices to promote corporate culture. The disposable paper cups nowadays are not as white as before, without any patterns. As mentioned above, disposable paper cups have become a way to promote company culture. Therefore, it is generally some companies that have a demand for Paper cup printing. The service they usually need is cup logo printing and cup name printing.

Plastic cup printing

  • Like when we usually buy porridge outside, we use plastic cups. The main advantage of plastic cups is that they are easy to carry and not fragile. But the disadvantage is that it is not resistant to high temperatures and is easily deformed. Therefore, the general demand for Plastic cup printing is the catering industry. At present, the demand for this industry is also relatively large.

Custom tumbler cup printing

  • Nowadays, people’s living standards are constantly improving, and their quality of life is getting higher and higher. People began to pursue beauty and individuality. The tumbler cup is a commonly used appliance for drinking water, no matter when it is cold or hot. Personalized tumbler cups have become a way for people to pursue individuality. Custom tumbler cups are the best choice for you to show your personality.

You can choose several types of mugs for printing according to the budget and scale of your custom cup printing business. The service they usually need is cup name printing.

Choose a suitable factory location

Choosing a suitable location is very important, and you need to consider many factors. The location is superior, the transportation will be convenient so that it is convenient for customers to visit, and the products can be delivered to customers in time. If the order is large, you also need to consider the location of the original cups, plus the space for workers and machines. If you consider the sound of the machine, you can choose a more remote place, but you need to spend more on transportation. Therefore, we must choose a place suitable for the factory with low prices and convenient transportation.

Buy the right machine for your business

There are so many custom cup printing machines on the market, how do we choose the best screen printing machine? Or, you can choose a well-reputed manufacturer to directly buy all you need. If you want to choose a cup printing machine manufacturer, I have several excellent cup printing machine manufacturers for your reference.


If you want to choose a cup printing machine, I also have several cup printing machines with a relatively high comprehensive evaluation.

  • VEVOR 4 color 4 stations screen printing machine
  • ONCE-TECH multi-color semi-automatic round bottle screen printing machine
  • Techtongda 4 color 1 station screen printing machine
  • SHZOND 4 color 1 station screen printing machine
  • ONCE-TECH rotary indexing flat screen printing machine

Choosing the cup printing machine that best suits your needs is the first step for you to start your own cup printing business. Every cup printing machine we organize for you has excellent performance, and we hope to help you find the most suitable cup printing machine manufacturer for you.

Market your cup printing business

The cup printing business before the official opening of the cup printing business is also very impactful. Now is the Internet age, we should combine online and offline methods to promote. This will help your cup printing business get more business and better income. To market a cup printing business, the specific method is as follows:


You can promote your business on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. through your official page. Your cup printing business can attract individuals looking for artistic creation or companies looking for customized cups. These platforms are suitable for both formal and casual audiences.

Search Engine Optimization

If you do not perform Search Engine Optimization, your cup printing business will not appear in the search results of the majority of users. In order to show your image more, you can find professionals to use SEO techniques to rank your website high.

Paid marketing

If you think you have enough ability to invest in paid advertising, then your brand awareness will increase faster and easier through some paid channels.

Ready for your cup printing business

After everything is done, you still need to develop your cup printing business and find customers. In addition, you need to check the machine regularly to avoid unnecessary losses due to the machine. Cup printing companies also need to improve technology while developing new technologies. Cup printing companies must keep up with the trend of the times and avoid being eliminated.


Some cups not only assume the role of a beverage vessel but also can use this to promote the brand and products of the merchant. It plays an irreplaceable role in various industries. Moreover, the catering industry has developed in full swing in recent years, driving the development of the cup printing business. If you want to make your cup printing business bigger and better, then you should do every process carefully.

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