How to Start A Customize Tumbler Cups Business


The S’well and Chilly’s water bottles often draw customers in because of the attractive designs on the outside. Many customers demand a particular design when it comes to tumbler printing on stainless steel water glasses.

We get several emails and phone calls every week asking, “How to customize tumbler cups?” “How to start a custom tumbler business?” and “How can I start my own custom tumbler cups business?” Below is a more in-depth explanation of how you can design your own tumbler and sell it. How to start a custom tumbler business?

Are Custom Tumbler Cups Business Profitable?

The answer is yes.

The custom tumbler cups business is profitable. Especially if you produce it by machine and not manually.

There is no limit to what you can do. There are a wide variety of tumblers to choose from:

Custom drink tumblers make it simple to make a brand memorable. Tumblers emblazoned with the company’s logo are great giveaways since they are easy to carry and act as a continual reminder of the company’s identity.

Personalized drink tumblers, and custom tumbler cups, which can be seen almost anywhere people congregate while traveling, are an excellent way to maximize the advertising dollar’s impact.

  • Wine Tumblers: With insulated wine tumblers, your customer’s brand will be the talk of the party. Depending on your machine, you can choose from an array of colors and finishes.
  • Travel Tumblers: To reach the target groups that matter most to your company, design your own tumbler specifically for on-the-go consumption.
  • Vacuum-Insulated Tumblers: By being available in various forms, sizes, and colors, vacuum-insulated tumblers showcase the brand perfectly. It may be used at home, in the workplace, and anywhere in between.
  • Coffee Tumblers: It’s a well-known fact that commuters enjoy their coffee in tumblers, and these personalized drink tumblers are a great way to get your brand in front of them.
  • Custom tumbler cups with straws: are a great way to differentiate the brand as the world moves away from one-use straws.
  • Slide Lid Tumblers: These personalized drink tumblers are simple to open and close, associating the brand with convenience.
  • Double-Walled Tumblers: The message is always perfect when the brand is on this practical tumbler that keeps liquids at their optimal temperature.

Customize Tumbler Cups

Who Are Your Target Customers For Custom Tumbler Cups?

Of course, before you start a custom tumbler business, define your target customers. Especially in industries like custom tumbler cups. We must position ourselves and our clients precisely. This shows our professionalism.

One of the advantages of using custom tumbler cups is that they may be used again and again. It encourages people to conserve materials because of their reusable nature. As a result, personalized tumbler cups with straws aid in environmental preservation.

Using reusable items helps to grow your brand since most people are concerned about the environment. As a result, your clients will be even more inclined to support your company, and your personalized tumblers will help them do just that.

Cost of Custom Tumbler Cups

Materials and tumbler printing techniques affect the price, but you should expect to sell each item for $15-20. Some tumblers sell more than others because of their unique aesthetic appeal.

Custom Tumbler Cups Business

Develop Your Custom Tumbler Cups Business Plan

Psychographic Segmentation

Personality, motivations, way of life and geographic factors all play a role in this segmentation. There are two types of customers: those who are willing to purchase custom-designed tumblers based on their attitude toward the product and those who aren’t willing to purchase at all because of their unfavorable feelings about the products.

Characteristics also determine a person’s personality, and most individuals purchase things they think are in line with their own. For example, not everyone needs personalized tumbler cups with straws.

Select a Market to Focus On

Identifying the correct target market from a large pool of prospective customers requires significant time and effort. The decision should be one for which the company can devise a marketing plan.

First and foremost, your custom tumbler cup business must ensure that the target market is correctly identified to prevent the reallocation of resources since abandoning a targeted market in the middle is very costly, especially when an effective marketing plan is in place.

Attractiveness and relative ability are the foundations for picking a target market. While assessing attractiveness, the target market’s importance to the firm is considered.

The market size, costs, and stability of the market should be taken into account by your custom tumbler cup business. If an organization’s skills and capacity are considered, its relative ability relates to how likely it is to be successful in entering the market.

Generating Awareness And Saving Money On Marketing

Promoting your brand with custom tumbler cups effectively gets your name out there and saves money on marketing expenses. Your customers will appreciate how much easier it will be for them to take their unique tumblers to the gym, coffee shop, or place of business.

When people see your customer’s brand logo and designs, they’ll be more likely to ask about custom tumbler cups, and it will assist in maintaining your brand at the top.

As a cost-effective marketing tool, tumbler personalized may be an excellent choice for any company looking to increase the exposure of its brand while also reducing advertising expenses.

Achieve and Maintain Market Interest

Creating a marketing mix, known as the 4Ps, is the last step in the process. Among them are the product’s location, pricing, and marketing (Prenzel 32). A product is a thing or service created by a company to satisfy the demands and desires of clients and consumers.

A consumer product is a product that is utilized by the end-user, not a manufacturer or distributor. Since the custom tumbler cup business has already determined the target market for its tumblers, it must now create and implement a strategy for reaching those customers with these durable consumer items.

How to start a custom tumbler business? When starting a tumbler business to make money, price is the only thing that matters. As a result, the corporation should exercise extreme caution when determining the pricing, as it must cover all expenditures while still generating a profit for the organization.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the situation, the company may find itself operating at a loss due to pricing rivalry within the industry. As a result, to stay competitive, the company must reduce costs to the absolute minimum.

Machines Needed For Custom Tumbler Cups

Multi-color Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Screen Printing Machine

ONCE Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd., a professional manufacturer of screen-printing systems in China, occupies a high place in the automation equipment industry. Their machines are used in many areas, including food packaging, cosmetics, and tumbler cups. Customers love and trust the products, which are available at home as well as abroad.

The OS-400S is a small business rotary screen printer that can print multiple colors on cylindrical objects. This round screen printing machine does not have lugs. The optical sensor reads the dots and marks them for color registration. Automatic round screen printing machines can be controlled by touch screens that allow for all actions. The machine can print quickly and reliably thanks to a programmable PLC. OS-400S can print on substrates up to 110mm in diameter and a maximum area of L350xH220mm. It can print on all plastic and metal containers, such as plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles, and tumbler cups. It’s ideal for tumbler printing.

ONCE-TECH Rotary Indexing Flat Screen Printing Machine

To enable screen printing, the OS series rotary indexing machine screen printing machine has a rotating table that a cam indexer drives. This machine produces a higher output than a single-station machine. Ink should be placed vertically. The flat vertical lifting method makes it easy to load or unload paper and parts in the “printing zone.” You can also view and inspect printed parts throughout the entire run.

Our most recommended screen printing machine is the Once’s. This small business machine is ideal for printing flat products such as metal plates, powder coatings, and injection molded parts. It will be a good helper for you to start a tumbler business.

Final Thoughts

It is critical to understand how to advertise your custom tumbler cup business. You must find a cost-effective and attractive approach to your target audience.

The use of a custom tumbler cup is both economic and efficient. Because of this, producing bespoke tumblers might be an excellent option for you to start a business.

As a bonus, some of your customers will be able to enjoy their unique custom tumbler cups, which can help spread the word about your customer’s brand more effectively and save you money in marketing expenditures. This is how to start a custom tumbler business.

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