A Guide to Buying Your First Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Most screen printing plants are striving to make the leap from manual printing to automatic screen printing. The automatic screen printing machine is the fastest and easiest way to expand your printing capabilities. An automatic screen printing machine allows you to process jobs that were previously impossible to print. It also allows you to have more time to focus on business marketing without wasting energy on other things.
Suppose you are considering buying a new automatic screen printing machine. In that case, whether this is your first auto printing machine or you are a repeat customer of the automatic screen printing machine, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor your specific needs And budget to provide solutions.
AUTO is a professional manufacturer of automatic screen printing machines. We can provide you with customized automatic screen printing solutions. If you have business needs for automatic screen printing, please feel free to contact us. Click https://autoprintmachine.com/ to learn more about our products and how we can add value to your automatic screen printing business.
This is what you need to consider when you get started with automatic screen printing:
There are many things to consider when buying an automatic screen printing machine for the first time. Let’s take a look.

Automatic screen printing machine

Whether you are buying a second-hand automatic screen printing machine or a brand new automatic screen printing machine, you need to invest in a durable auto printing machine. This usually means buying more auto printing machines than you expect. Remember, an “8-color auto printing machine” does not mean that you can print eight colors immediately. If possible, I suggest your shop start with a 10-color auto printing machine. In this way, your store can easily incorporate an auto printing machine without having to spend a considerable investment to get the other benefits of automatic screen printing.


You may wish to equip each auto printing machine with two flash dryers. No matter how much it is, it is unreasonable.

Quality compressor

The air compressor of an automatic screen printing machine cannot be underestimated. If the compressor fails, the entire automatic screen printing business will stop. If you are not sure about the compressor, please proceed with your automatic screen printing maintenance and get help.

Conveyor dryer of the right size

The dryer you use for manual printing may not be able to handle 4-6 times the number of shirts passing through it. You may not need to buy a 72-inch dryer immediately to equip a new automatic screen printing machine. But it is worth noting that you need something that can handle more shirts to help the automatic screen printing machine work.

Aviation line

Since the press of an automatic screen printing machine uses a pneumatic device, you need an airline. Most people choose to install these on the top, but some stores have placed them on the floor. To facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting, the air pipeline should be accessible with minimal interference or workload. If you only set one button, you can run the primary route by yourself. If you are new to automatic screen printing machines or worry that you cannot operate them correctly, please get professional help from your auto printing machine manufacturer.

Electrical drops

You need to carefully consider whether your store has the necessary three-phase power supply to meet your automatic screen printing needs. Your machine requires a lot of power! A licensed electrician will help you determine whether the building is capable of handling the increased load.

Automatic screen printing management program

You may think that you can let your automatic screen printing machine work, but managing the automatic screen printing business is also crucial. AUTO’s online shop was built with consideration for automatic screen printing shops. From approval to invoice and payment, AUTO’s team will help you succeed in your automatic screen printing business.

How to choose the correct automatic screen printing machine: How many color stations do I need?

You need an automatic screen printing machine that is easy to operate, set up, and maintain. One of the biggest misunderstandings about automatic screen printing machines is that bigger is better. However, a simple, small automatic screen printing machine can sometimes bring you the best return on investment.

Since customers who enter automatic screen printing shops are generally unwilling to pay the screen setup fee, many shops have limited colors for automatic screen printing. Most automatic screen printing machines work between 1 and 3 colors. Therefore, it does not make sense to invest money in large-scale automatic screen printing machines that cannot be fully utilized.

When deciding how many colors and positions to choose, there is a simple rule of thumb: buy an automatic screen printing machine that can cover about 80% of your work. These will be your ideal choice and can bring revenue to your store. Most auto printing machines can effectively use 4-color Mini-Trooper automatic screen printing machines with a diameter of only 8 feet. If a job is beyond the scope you can print on an automatic screen printing machine; it is worth considering whether the time and effort spent on automatic screen printing allow you to get enough profit from this job.

A suitable automatic screen printing machine can increase your workflow

  • A good criterion for automatic screen printing is adding an automatic screen printing machine to handle the increased workflow. Who wouldn’t like to cut the production time in half while reducing the printing workload at the same time? Adding an automatic screen printing machine can enable you to perform automatic screen printing at least four times faster, making your business easier.
  • The automatic screen printing machine can print large-screen jobs. You can do more work and take on more customers. Automatic screen printing machines provide unprecedented opportunities for new automatic screen printing jobs. Using a manual printing machine may take you several days to print 100 T-shirts. If there is an unexpected situation, you must adjust it to complete the large-scale work in time. However, automatic screen printing machines allow you to complete the work at lower labor costs. This will reduce the fatigue of the automatic printing machine and ensure that you can get high-quality automatic screen printing at any time of the day.

Now that you know the importance and precautions of automatic screen printing machines, here are some best-selling auto printing machines that are worth buying.

COBRA™ Automatic Screen Printing Press

M&R’s COBRA™ automatic screen printing machine is the standard that combines high-quality components, durable craftsmanship, and high-speed production in one machine. COBRA series presses provide operators with the time-saving features needed for quick setup-electric print head, tool-free wiper/shovel angle adjustment with air brake, pneumatic frame lock, and independent wiper digital display Knife/water injection speed.

STRYKER™ Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

M&R’s Stryker sets the standard for oval screen printing machines. Compared with similar rotary automatic screen printing machines, its oval design occupies less floor space, thereby making more efficient use of the available production area. Stryker is equipped with three print format sizes, which can be expanded from 10 to 52 workbenches to optional print head positions. This automatic screen printing machine can be customized for almost any production requirement, floor layout, or workshop scale. The high-quality, smooth-running servo drive indexer can provide a fast and accurate single index or double index, making Stryker ideal for cut pieces and overall printed garments. The 80×110 model can print up to 132 x 110 cm (52 ​​inches x 43.5 inches) with alternate print heads!

CHALLENGER® III Automatic Screen Printing Press

Challenger® revolutionized automatic screen printing in the 1980s because the Challenger once dominated the industry. M&R’s Challenger III automatic screen printing machine combines innovative features (such as M&R’s electronically adjustable Ink Dip™ ink recovery system) and more than 25 years of M&R automatic screen printing technology to provide excellent speed and the best creativity. It was expanded on a traditional basis. Challenger III’s indexer can achieve double indexing in one uninterrupted movement, eliminating the pause between indexing, thereby increasing the production speed of super large workpieces.

GAUNTLET® III Automatic Screen Printing Press

Gauntlet III is M&R’s multifunctional, high-volume, medium-sized automatic screen printing machine. It offers 10-18 colors, and the maximum standard image area is 48 x 55 cm (19 inches x 22 inches). The Gauntlet III automatic screen printing machine has a print head driven by a fast and reliable electric motor. The print head has a calibrated, tool-free, click-stop four-corner non-contact setting to achieve fast and accurate screen leveling. The auto printing machine includes tool-free front and rear printing stroke adjustment devices to achieve versatility and high productivity.

SPORTSMAN® EX Automatic Screen Printing Press

M&R’s Sportsman®EX automatic screen printing machine provides extraordinary value and quality at an ultra-low price. Sportsman EX 4045 is available in 6-color, 8-color, 10-color, and 12-color models with a maximum image area of ​​41 x 46 cm (16 inches x 18 inches). Sportsman EX 5050 is suitable for 6-color, 8-color, 10-color, and 12-color models, with a maximum image area of ​​51 x 51 cm (20 inches x 20 inches). The Sportsman EX 5070 with dual index function has a dual index function and is specially designed for piece printing. It is available in 6, 8, 10, and 12-color models with a maximum image area of ​​51 x 71 cm (20 inches x 28 inches).

CHALLENGER® II & II OS Automatic Screen Printing Press

Challenger® II and Challenger® II OS are M&R’s most affordable large-format high-performance automatic screen printing machines. Designed for quick set-up and high-speed production, they have time-saving output enhancements that make them excellent performance in any automatic screen printing plant. Challenger II is available in 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 color models with a maximum image area of ​​50 x 70 cm (20 inches x 28 inches). Challenger II OS is available in 8, 10, and 12-color models, with a maximum of 70 x 100 cm (28″ x 39″) and the most prominent image area. All Challenger II OS models are equipped with sizeable heavy-duty pallet support arms and extra-large pallet leveling brackets. It has excellent rigidity and stability when cutting and printing. All Challenger II automatic screen printing machines have servo-driven indexers, electric print heads, and multiple printing stroke functions.

DIAMONDBACK E™ Automatic Screen Printing Press

Diamondback E™ is an evolution of the famous Diamondback series product line. This series of products has a multi-functional, affordable automatic screen printing machine for entry-level users to bring a full-featured servo index drive automatic device. With electric print heads, Diamondback E is the best choice for step-down entry-level automatic screen printing machines. There are 6, 8, or 10 colors to choose from. The maximum image area of ​​the diamond vest E is 41 x 46 cm (16 inches x 18 inches), and it can accept a screen frame of up to 58 x 84 x 5 cm (23 inches x 33 inches x 2 inches).

The Diamondback E screen printer is equipped with an electric print head that provides smooth and consistent print carriage movement. At the same time, a side frame holder with pneumatic clamps enables fast screen printing, and no special adapters are required to hold the rollers securely. It can provide excellent stability on various screens. The pneumatic wiper/overflow bar fixture has a calibrated tool-free angle adjustment function. A pneumatic wiper pressure regulator with a pressure gauge on each print head provides excellent control of printing parameters. The high-resolution touchscreen control panel has easy-to-use icon-based logic and a built-in tutorial screen that effectively puts the user manual at the operator’s fingertips.

VICTORYONE® Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

M&R’s aggressively priced VictoryOne is the most affordable oval automatic screen printing machine in the industry. It can be used with two different M&R Digital Squeegees for fast mixing and automatic screen printing. The basic modules of VictoryOne’s 22 sites can be expanded in 6 site increments to create configurations of 28, 34, 40, 46, 52, 58, and 64 sites. All stations except the four stations at both ends of the auto printing machine can support the print heads, and these print heads must be configured in pairs. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on the print head placement, and any workstation can be opened. The flexibility of VictoryOne allows it to be tailored to almost any production requirement. It also allows the automatic screen printing machine to be placed in a position where the carousel cannot be pressed.

SPORTSMAN® EXG Automatic Screen Printing Press

M&R’s Sportsman®EXG automatic screen printing machine is high-speed, with a maximum image area of ​​51 x 51 cm (20 inches x 20 inches), a small footprint, and a reasonable price. It is available in 12-color and 14-color models and offers a variety of options. A series of standard functions, starting with a servo-driven indexer, combine higher automatic screen printing speed with excellent smoothness, consistency, and longevity. Variable speed electric print head can achieve smooth printing stroke and superior control. The central disconnected contact can realize fast and incremental single printing; adjust the control levers of all radio stations simultaneously; the color touch screen control panel with a graphic display can provide on-board self-diagnosis, real-time production data, and most of the user’s press functions Friendly control.

DIAMONDBACK L™ Automatic Screen Printing Press

Diamondback L™ is part of the Diamondback series of the M&R series. This series is versatile and affordable. It is an entry-level automatic screen printing machine. This is a six-color automatic screen printing machine with a maximum ​​of 35 x 28 cm (14 inches x 11 inches). The fixed screen stand can accommodate a 51 x 61 inch (20-inch x 24 inches) screen frame. It is Unique, very suitable for manual shops that want to enter a limited space for automatic screen printing. At the same time, its high-speed servo system and 259 cm (8 feet 6 inches) diameter make it ideal for large shops interested in automatic screen printing machines, which require only a tiny space. And there are no labels, pocket printing, and smaller formatted images.

Excellent quality. Diamondback L’s heavy-duty casters make it easy to move around in the store or undisturbed when not in use.Diamondback L screen printing machine has a servo-driven indexer to ensure smooth and accurate travel; pneumatic screen clamps can promote rapid loading. No special adapters are required to fix the roller frame to provide excellent stability on various screens. Each screen printing machine has a pneumatically driven print head. Pneumatic squeegee/overflow clamp, the angle can be adjusted without tools; pneumatic screen frame clamp; pneumatic scraper pressure regulator, each print head is equipped with a pressure gauge, which can control the printing pressure excellently.

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