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Automatic cylindrical screen printing machines are also known as cylindrical screen printers, cylindrical bottle printer machines, and cylindrical silk screen machines. Our automatic cylindrical printing machines are well-designed for round, oval, and other special shape containers. They can be printed on curved surfaces like plastic, glass, metal bottles, and other cylindrical containers. Cylindrical screen printing equipment is widely used in various industries. Such as daily food, personalized water bottle, cosmetic bottle manufacturing, and other industries.

At Auto Print Tech, you can buy existing cylindrical bottle printing machines or build your own equipment. Our commitment is to supply the highest quality machines at competitive and affordable prices.

Automatic Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine for Sale

Our automatic cylindrical screen printing equipment suit for large volume single or multi-color screen printing production. The OS-767 series bottle screen printer features mechanical-driven bottle transport. OS-767 machine uses Omron PLC and a touch screen to control all the movements. This is a new high-speed transportation system. It combined advanced Italian motors, speed variator and mechanical transportation.

Semi-auto Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine for Sale

Besides automatic bottle printing machines, we also manufacture semi-automatic bottle printer machines.

The semi-automatic cylindrical screen printer is a universal and versatile machine. Our auto screen printer can screen print on round, cone, and oval objects. It is available such as plastic bottles, cosmetic bottles, aluminum bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, bottle caps, etc.

This type of cylindrical screen printing equipment features quick and easy tool changeover. With precise mechanical positioning and convenience, all controls are on the front panel. The semi-automatic screen printer also can print multicolor round objects. The machine installs a motor registration system and an optical sensor registration system. This is useful for different print requirements.

Semi Auto Cylindrical Screen Printer Video

Cylindrical Objects Samples

Customized Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

For example, an auto parts manufacturer needed some automatic cylindrical printing machines. For printing on lube filters, air filters, and other round containers.

We designed an OS-R45 cylindrical screen printing machine for this partner. We integrate the cylindrical printing system into the production line and packing line. In the infeed system, the stand up filter auto turn 90 degrees and lay down on the infeed conveyor. In the outfeed system, the lay-down filter will auto-stand up and goes to the packing line.

More, a personalized bottle supplier wants to enlarge the promotional bottle printing business. After our detailed research, we designed an automatic cylindrical printing machine for them.

Contact us at anytime to discuss more details.

Customized Cylinder Screen Printing Machine Video

Cylinder Screen Printing Machine for Sale

FAQs About Auto Print Tech Automatic Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

We have a wide range of round screen printing machines from semi-automatic to full automatic type with different models. So we would like you can supply details of the product or printing requirements to us. We will help to find machine solutions, and quote the proper machine prices. The details required are as below:

  • Printed bottle dimensions (diameter and height). This will decide to use a small machine or a big machine.
  • How many colors will be printed? As we have 1 color machine to 6 color machine.
  • The bottle photos to know the shapes whether our machine suitable to print it or not.
  • The print capacity per day or per month. This will decide use semi-automatic solution or fully automatic solution.

You are welcome to send us bottle samples and we can help you to choose the correct machine or have a solution for your reference.

When you have bottles or tubes in hand, you have the ideas of the bottle or tube dimensions, colors, and production output.

1. One color print and small quantity, recommend to uses semi-automatic machines.

  • OS-300 print Ø10mm-Ø75mm on bottles and tubes
  • OS-400 print Ø10mm-Ø110mm on bottles and tubes
  • OS-700 print Ø10mm-Ø200mm on bottles and tubes
  • OS-1200 print Ø200mm-Ø350mm on buckets/pails

When printing PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, and Tritan materials, need to be surface treated (flame treating or plasma) before printing. If printing UV ink, it will need UV curing after printing.

2. One color print to 6 colors and large quantity, recommend to use fully automatic bottle UV screen printing machines. The automatic machine is integrated with flame treating, screen printing and UV curing in one machine. It features fast speed for high output and cost saving, especially print multicolor.

  • OS-767 series machine, print Ø10mm-Ø100mm on bottles and jars WITH registration ramp/anchor point in the bottom.
  • OS-R320 rotary table machine, print Ø20mm-Ø90mm on bottles WITHOUT registration ramp/anchor point in the bottom and soft tubes.
  • OS-175 vertical rotary table machine, print  Ø10mm-Ø75mm on soft tubes, centrifuge tubes and plastic jars, and print ONE color only.
  • OS-1000 series machine, print Ø150mm-Ø350mm on plastic pails/buckets from 1 color to 8 colors.

Besides above mentioned printing machines, we also have automatic hot stamping solutions, automatic screen printing solutions for flat objects and other customized auto printing solutions.

We offer many kinds of automatic printing solutions for bottles and tubes.

  • As for the print methods, we have screen printing machines, pad printing machines, and hot stamping machines.
  • As for the running mode, we have a linear type and rotary type.

Before buying the automatic screen printing machine, we recommend making a good print demonstration. You can come to our factory and check the machine quality and printing quality by yourself. Then you will know how the machine runs, and how to meet your print requirements.

You can send us some bottle samples first and we will know if our machine is capable to print them. If need to test on 1 color machine, will require around 300 bottles to make fixtures and run whole cycles. when the machine is at 50 ppm speed, it takes 5 minutes to finish the bottle printing process.

Installation and Training:

When you first time to buy this kind of bottle printing machine you need our training for proper use and maintenance.

  1. We can send our experienced technicians to your factory for installation and training. This usually takes one week. And buyer should cover the round trip air tickets and accommodations. Or buyer send operator to our factory for three days training.
    The training is very important for buying new equipment, this will save your hours and improve production efficiency.
  2. Machine with 12months Within this period, all the electrical and pneumatic parts can be replaced for free.

Online Service:

We offer 6×15 hours online service.

Monday to Saturday, 8:00 – 23:00, China Standard Time (UTC/GMT+08:00)

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