Automatic Bucket Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer

Automatic bucket screen printing machine are also known as circular or cylindrical screen printing machine. Our silk screen printing machines are well designed for round, oval, square and other special shape containers curved surface printing. They are available to print on plastic, glass and metal bottles. The cylindrical screen printing machines are widely used for industries of daily chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, personalised water bottles business, cosmetic bottles manufacture, etc.

Bucket Screen Printing Machine

Auto Print Tech manufacture automatic UV screen printing machine and semi-automatic screen printing machine. They are mainly for printing bucket, 5 gallon water bottles and other round plastic containers.
The OS-1000 precision automatic UV bucket screen printing machine is designed for large volume. It can do 1-color to 8-color screen printing.
The automatic UV screen printing press can also screen print on beer pony kegs, stainless-steel thermos bottles, and jars.
The automatic bucket printing machinery includes:
  1. Auto-infeed conveyor and mechanical robot pick up the bucket to flame treating station.
  2. Auto flame treating system for bucket surface treating.
  3. Screen printing station.
  4. Intelligent UV curing system with 5KW UV bulb.
The OS-1200 semi-automatic bucket screen printer designed for printing onto large pails. The jumbo screen printing machine can also screen print on glass wine bottles, beer bottles, beer pony kegs, and containers.
The OS-1200 screen printer features as Mitsubishi PLC and Weinview touch screen controlled. The stepper motor driven screen can move right and left.

Bucket Screen Printing Machine Video

Customized Bucket Screen Printing Machine

Looking to buy the best cylindrical printing machine for your particular situation? If all of our standard round printing machines above are not suitable for your application, the best option is to create your own custom machine to fit your specific needs and budget.

For example, a vehicle parts manufacturer need some automatic round screen printing machines. They are use for printing on lube oil filter, air filter, and other round containers.
We designed OS-R45 screen printing machine for this partner. We integrates the printing system to the production line and packing line. In the infeed system, the stands up filter auto turning 90 degrees and lay down on the infeed conveyor. In the outfeed system, the lay down filter will auto stand up and goes to the packing line.
For another example, a personalised water bottles supplier want to enlarge their promotional bottles printing business. After our detailed research, we designed an automated personalised water bottles printing machine for them.

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