Cryo Tube Printing Machine

The cryo tube printing machine is widely used in custom printed cryo tubes, and other medical industries. Auto Print Tech cryo tube printing machine adopts advanced technology. Cryo tube printing machines have been greatly updated in terms of design and manufacturing. cryo tube printing machines can provide you with custom cryo tube services. If you are looking for a manufacturer of cryo tube printers, Auto Print Tech will serve you.

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Advantages of Automatic Cryo Tubes Printing Machine

The automatic cryo tube printing machine can print simple patterns or patterns with transitional colors at one time. The patterns printed by the automatic cryo tube printing machine are waterproof and color-fast. You can print patterns, text, or numbers. In addition, the automatic printing machine is easy to operate and has stable performance. It creates a higher printing quality than the manual cryo tube printing machine, which fully meets the needs of cryo tube printing.

  • Suitable for any material
  • Printing is fast and cost dilian
  • Print and take
  • No personnel dependence, large upgrade space
  • The color can be changed at any time without paying extra

Cryo Tube Printing Machine Price

Features of cryo tube printing machine:

  • The steps of cryo tube printing are simple. The custom printed cryo tube machine is computer-controlled. So a staff member can perform printing operations entirely independently.
  • Its printing position is accurate. No matter how small the cryo tube is, the cryo tube printing machine can accurately print patterns in the correct position. The custom printed cryo tube machine checks the status of the cryo tube before printing. So the process of cryo tube printing is more precise and efficient.
  • With the electronic sensors, the cryo tube printing machine can realize automatic monitoring. Such as “no object, no printing” and automatic alarm when the air pressure is lower than the standard air pressure.
  • The color transition is very natural. Can accurately fill even particularly complex trademark patterns with colors.

Cryo Tube Printing Sample

Semi-auto Tumbler Printing Machines

A semi-automatic cryo tube printing machine provides you with a more flexible use process. You can adjust the speed of each part of the machine. Most cryo tubes were printed by traditional screen printing, pad printing, and thermal transfer printing in the past. As a cryo tube printer, it can have a more flexible way.
These traditional printing methods require making templates. Making templates is very expensive due to the reliance on the professional experience of the personnel. But it can realize fast and simple computer control and precise mechanical positioning. All its rules are displayed on the panel and are easy to operate.
After the printed cryo tube machine, its printing quality is clear and perfect, with distinct layers. The printed product has no color difference and color mixing and is waterproof and abrasion-resistant.

Cryo Tube Printing Machine Video

Cryo tube printing machine

Custom Cryo Tube Screen Printing Line

If your cryo tube has a unique shape, it isn’t easy to find a suitable printer. The personalized cryo tube designs printing machine is your best choice. Regardless of the body, material, or usage, the personalised cryo tube printing machine can almost meet all your requirements.

The advanced technology of the personalized cryo tube printing machine makes the investment cost low. It can print mass production at high speed. The current cryo tube printing machine is suitable for any cryo tube and other conditions, and there is no technical limitation. And the height can be adjusted according to the printing object. It adopts horizontal movement and vertical spraying structure.

Custom printed tumbler cup machines can use various raw materials more conveniently and freely. The tumbler printing machine price is also very friendly. After the printed tumbler cups are placed successfully, can automatically raise to a suitable printing height. The automatic feeding time for mass production can be set at will, eliminating the need to operate the computer repeatedly. We usually customize screen printing lines for personalized cryo tube designs business partners. Whether it is a printing machine for color changing cryo tube printing machine, we can almost meet all customers’ requirements. And we can provide different prices for different custom cryo tube printing machines.

If you need more detailed information, please contact us. Please post your comments or email us!

Questions and Answers About Auto Print Tech Cryo Tube Printing Machine

When purchasing a cryo tube printing machine, you need to understand its functions. If you need a personalized cryo tube printing machine, you can contact us in advance. The size of the product, the color, and the shape of the cryo tube can be customized individually as needed.

Next, briefly introduce the advantages of the cryo tube printing machine.

  • Easy to operate:

The cryo tube printer is easy to operate, and it is easy to protect the body during use. The printing process is controlled by a computer, without manual control. It can be printed to meet various shapes, such as planes, arcs, and circles, and there is no restriction on printing cryo tubes.

  • Fast printing speed:

The input cost of the cryo tube printing machine is low, and high-speed printing is entirely suitable for mass production. It can help businesses obtain higher profits. The computer can control the automatic production process in terms of quantity, and time. The whole process is very convenient and fast. Compared with the thermal transfer process, the ultra-low printing cost of the cryo tube printing machine can save more than 70%.

  • Not affected by the material of the object:

Cryo tube printing machines can print images on the surface of any material. Because the cryo tube printer does not touch the surface of the object during the printing process. So it will not be deformed by heat and pressure. And can also print it on materials that are easily bent and soft (such as leather and textiles). This is what makes the cryo tube printing machine unique.

  • High-precision perfect printing:

The cryo tube printing machine uses the special ink produced by ONCE TECH to make the output image lifelike and reach the photo quality. The idea is water-resistant, sun-proof, wear-resistant, and never fades. The cryo tube printing machine also adopts a continuous ink supply system. It is convenient for workers to add ink and reduces printing costs.

We provide various types of cryo tube printing machines, from semi-automatic to fully automatic types. Therefore, we hope you can provide us with detailed information about the product or printing requirements. And we will help you find a machine solution and quote a reasonable machine price. If you have any questions, you can contact the phone number and email address on the homepage. We have professional staff to serve you online 24 hours a day. The required details are as follows:

  • The cryo tube size (diameter and height) will determine whether to use a minicomputer or a mainframe.
  • How many colors can be printed? We have 1 color machine to 6 color machines.

You are welcome to send us your samples. We can help you choose a suitable machine or provide solutions for your reference.

The quality of the cryo tube printing machine is also a concern. The purpose of our company is to provide the best service. All customers of ONCE TECH can go to the factory to personally check the quality of the machine and print before purchasing. If you are dissatisfied with the cryo tube printing machine during the experience, you can tell us at any time. We have professional designers who will change the requirements of the printing press according to your needs. If it is not convenient for you to come to the factory to test the quality of the printing press in person, we can also video record for you.

You can also send us some samples of cryo tubes to test the printed products of the machine. The entire printing process can be videotaped.

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