Automatic Round Screen Printing Machine Buying guide

A round screen printing machine is also called a circular screen printing machine or cylindrical screen printing machine. No matter what shape your products are, and the materials that your bottles use, an automatic round screen printing machine can also help you finish the process of printing.

Round screen printing machines are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. In this article, we mainly introduce the buying guide for automatic round screen printing machines.

What to Consider When Buying a Round Screen Printing Machine

There are various brands and types of circular screen printing machines in the market. Enterprises or self-employed individuals who need to purchase round screen printers are also facing more and more choices. So how do you choose them? The following is my introduction to you, who has many years of experience in the screen printing industry.

It includes the following six points:

  • Whether the printing quality can meet the requirements.
  • Whether the printing speed can reach the ideal state.
  • Main parts configuration.
  • How intelligent the machine is.
  • The difficulty of operating the machine.
  • Evaluation of manufacturer strength and after-sales service.

Whether the Printing Quality Can Meet the Requirements

This is your priority when buying a screen printing machine. Different printing products have different requirements for printing. But no matter what product is printed, it is inseparable from accuracy and stability. This is also the reason for widening the gap between different machines. The higher the precision and the stronger the stability, the better the screen printing technology of the manufacturer. Machines are easy to produce, but there are not many that can be recognized by customers if they can withstand the test of the market.

Whether the Printing Speed Can Reach the Ideal State

In addition to seeing whether the printing quality can meet the requirements, the printing speed of the round screen printing machine is also one of the factors to be considered. Only by increasing the printing speed of the screen printing machine under the premise of ensuring the quality can improve the production efficiency.

Main Parts Configuration

High-quality parts are the guarantee for the service life of the round screen printing machine. Some high imitation parts can be fake in appearance, but the service life can be very different. Therefore, when purchasing a fully automatic screen printing machine, you can first understand the service life and warranty period of the equipment. If high-quality parts are used, an automatic screen printing machine has a service life of at least 10 years. Due to the large difference in the purchase cost of genuine and high imitation products, many merchants will sell them at low prices. Therefore, when purchasing, do not blindly compare prices and ignore product quality, long-term stability and service life.

How Intelligent the Machine is

In the screen printing industry, intelligent management, intelligent operation and intelligent detection of automatic screen printing machines have become a new direction for the development of screen printing. Therefore, the intelligence level of the machine is also one of the factors to consider when purchasing a round screen printing machine.

The Difficulty of Operating the Machine

The ease of operation is also one of the factors to consider. The simpler and more convenient the operation, the easier it is for people to learn. For example, when the equipment alarms, the computer control desktop can display the cause and processing method of the alarm, and the operator only needs to follow the prompts to deal with it. This is also to consider the strength of automatic screen printing machine manufacturers in terms of software technology control.

Evaluation of Manufacturer Strength and After-sales Service

Another important point is to examine the comprehensive strength and after-sales service of the machine manufacturer. After all, it is difficult for small factories to manufacture high-end and high-quality screen printing machines. Understand the sales of the purchased products, and inquire about the quality and after-sales service of the purchased products. This approach is more informative. The automatic round screen printing machine is expensive and should be chosen carefully.

Recommendation of Automatic Round Screen Printing Machine

A good machine is inseparable from a good machine manufacturer. ONCE TECH is an experienced automatic round screen printing machine manufacturer with a high customer praise rate.

The round screen printer provided by ONCE TECH is capable of screen printing on round objects such as plastic, glass, metal, etc. The control system, motor, and electronic components of the machine are all from Italy, Germany and Japan. This also ensures the high quality of machine components.

Expect the screen printing machine we talked about before. ONCE TECH automatic round screen printing machine manufacturer also customized the round container printing machine according to your own special requirements. If you want to add or cut some equipment, they can help you make an efficient and satisfying printing machine. If you want to have a unique screen printing for your products, a customized round silk printing machine absolutely is the best choice. ONCE TECH round printing machine makes screen printing on a round surface or another special shape surface with the same effect. Do not worry about the decline effect on your uniquely designed products.

If you want to learn more details, give your comment or email us!

Final Thought

There are many manufacturers of screen printing machines on the market, and the performance and price of the machines produced by different manufacturers are different. In order to better meet your own needs, you can make more comparisons and choose an automatic round screen printing machine with higher quality, simpler and more convenient use and can meet the needs of use.

The above contents are some purchasing skills of automatic round screen printing machine that I have summarized for you. Hope it can help people who are interested in buying an automatic round screen printing machine to do some reference.

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  1. Albert Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing those amazing tips. Most common misconceptions about automatic screen-printing presses is that bigger is better. I think everyone will understand facts about round screen printing machine.

  2. James Moore says:

    One should find a round screen printing machine which is suitable for printing continuously on any roll form such as PVC, OPP, polyester, heat transfer paper, and soft plastic circuit plate.

  3. Lea Burney says:

    Screen printing machines are the most productive piece of equipment in any screen printing business. Among those types, you should find a suitable one for yourself.

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