Bottle Screen Printing vs. Bottle Labels Printing? Which Is Better for your Custom Bottles?

If we want to make our products stand out from the shelf with full goods in big stores, we must have wonderful packaging which can attract the attention of customers and arouse their desire to buy. Packaging design, of course, is very important, while choosing a suitable way to printing your product label is also an important apart of packaging design.

Whatever it is glass bottles or plastic bottles you will print for packaging, there are two printing ways you finally choose from. They are BOTTLE SCREEN PRINTING and BOTTLE LABEL PRINTING.

We always use these two different print types in different product designs. Just like, if you want to make custom water bottles, or unique wine bottles for premium wines, which printing way should you take?

Read this article and you will find the answer.

Reading this article, you will learn more features about bottle screen printing and bottle label printing, get a comparison of them, get some cases that how the two printing ways are used, finally you will make a choice that which printing way fits your product.

Bottle screen printing VS. Bottle label printing

The difference between bottle screen printing and bottle label printing in one factor is that bottle screen printing directly puts ink on the product while bottle label printing product label first and then take an integrated with label and product. In other factors, bottle screen printing is more durable than label printing. If you have an automatic bottle screen printing machine, it will be a very efficient printing way.

Now let me list more distinguished features of both.

Bottle label printing

Bottle label printing print the label on paper first, then put it on the product. It can be designed without the limitations of the shape of products. We can find it in water bottles or wine bottles. With adhesive linking label and products, bottle label printing is not durable.

There are some features of bottle label printing.

  1. Easier to produce. Bottle label printing just prints label on paper with digital printing. It may product patterns quicker and easier.
  2. Flexible. Bottle label printing needs to product label first and put it on products. So it ignores the limited of shape, the material of products, so it more flexible than bottle screen printing.
  3. The printed color they made is not thick. Bottle label printing usually takes digital printing to produce its label on paper. Some colors neither clear nor capture the attention of customers.
  4. The label is easier to be damaged. Because the label is not directly put on the product, it is very easy to be damaged by water, weather and squeezing when transport. If it is used in a hard environment, its label is very easier to peel off.
  5. Extra process to make the label and product as a whole. Bottle label printing is not put the label on the product directly, thus we need to make the integration with labels and products. It may have other costs for new equipment or labor.

Bottle screen printing

People always know bottle screen printing as cylindrical screen printing or round screen printing. In this printing way, people always put ink directly on the surface of bottles with a round bottle screen printing machine. Paperless and durable features make the product have a smooth, elegant and highly recognizable look.

Now, bottle screen printing is used intensively in food items as olive oils, wine industry for premium wines, all spirits, and beers, non-alcoholic beverages.

Bottle screen printing machine always made by these parts:

bowl feeder with the auto in-deed system.

optical re-registration sensor.

USA SIMO anti-static device.

Italy CCD system for reject products.

hot stamping and heat transfer system.

There are some features of bottle screen printing.

  1. Products with bottle screen printing more durable in their pattern keeping. It can against bad weather, water, VU light. This printing way will help you avoid the damage of packaging due to squeezing when transport. Think about beer glass bottles, which screen printing on glass bottles, are more durable than bottles that put the label on.
  2. Colorful and flexible design. Though bottle screen printing is not used with digital printing, different colors combination would take a colorful, flexible design for your product, which will have a branding and marketing impact.
  3. The more printing you make, the less cost you take. Make bottle screen printing is the same as the assembly line a bit. It is so expensive to take this printing way for one product making. On the other words, the more printing you make, the less cost you take.
  4. One screen can be used as an infinite number of times. It is suitable for long-term bottle decoration. Once the screen is made it can be used an infinite number of times.
  5. You need enough space to stockpile your materials and products. The more products you make, the more space you need for stockpiling your materials and final products. If you choose this way to print your products, how many SKUs you have can be considered.
  6. It is expensive for mistaking. Because of the feature of bottle screen printing, the disadvantage of it is not flexible. A little mistake will make an expensive cost.

Comparison between Bottle screen printing and Bottle label printing

Customers prefer bottle screen printing product, for its paperless design. The smooth, elegant look will take the attention of customers, and make your product stand out from the shelf.

Bottle screen printing has brighter, thinker colors than label printing, which is more recognizable and will take a branding and marketing impact for the product. Less 1% of wine bottles label is screen printing today, so don’t be worried about printing your product with screen printing was out of style. It just helps your product be more impressive.

Bottle screen printing makes a volume printing with less cost than label printing, which decides screen printing has more benefits. It directly put the pattern on bottles, which cut the extra cost form making the label and product as a whole that is necessary for label printing.


Take the example we talked at first if we want to make printed bottles, which printing way we should take. Do will different material bottles with different printing ways have a different effect?

As we talk about plastic bottle printing, we will find that most label printing on plastic bottles is drinking water inside which is consumables that can be used once. Some water bottles taking screen printing usually have a position of the collectible product with a little higher price and less output.

Another plastic bottles like shampoo bottles, usually choose screen printing, especially on their specification. Therefore we can conclude that for plastic bottles, we usually consider two factors, they are product position and product using environment. According to these two factors, we can get the printing way which is the most suitable for us.

When we talk about glass bottle printing, we firstly think of wine bottles. Premium wines always take screen printing, and also all spirits and beers. Other products like glass cups are rare to have label printing. Glass as the material of bottles is more expensive than plastic, and taking screen printing will make a difference.

For glass bottles, taking screen printing is better than label printing, for its durable features and beautiful glass bottles always can be collected by customers. Is it a good chance to impact your brand?

Therefore we could have a conclusion about the two situations. Whatever it is glass bottles or plastic bottles, screen printing is mostly used in the high-end product and those used in a hard environment. From this example, there is some suggestion.


According to these features, the better way you choose from the two printing types is fully considering your products.

For your branding impact. Screen printing directly put the label on bottles, which is durable and make your products have high recognizable grade. Screen printing will help you have a branding and marketing impact. Label printing manufacturers always put labels on products with adhesive, which is easier to be damaged by weather, water or squeezing. When the label came off, the bottle without any label can not make people remember which brand it belongs to.

Consider your budget. We always use a round screen printing machine to print bottles when we choose a screen printing machine. One screen, once made a pattern on it, can be used a lot of times, which is less costly than label printing. In fact, the more you print, the more benefit that screen printing will take for you.

Where will you use your product? With different using intention, we choose different printing ways. For consumables, people used it out and thrown away, thus it not require long-time label keeping, label printing can be considered. On the other hand, if your product is a collectible product, it is better to have bottle screen printing for your products, for durable printing is a part of packaging design.

What environment are you products usually face? It is another question that comes from the features that whether the printing way is durable or not. Screen printing fit this product, which usually exists in an environment that always meets water or bad weather. To avoid your product label fade or be damaged, choosing bottle screen printing is better than label printing.

The product volume you considered. For screen printing, it is easier to manufacture printed products with an automatic bottle screen printing machine, which will take a lot of product volume. If you want a productive printing way, choosing screen printing is suitable for you. While bottle label printing requires have other equipment to make label and product as a whole, which is less printing efficiency than screen printing.


With less cost, durable features, smooth elegant design, screen printing undoubtedly is a better choice. It can capture customer’s attention, arouse their desire to buy your product. As someone said: “ The first sale is a label, and the second is product inside.” Choosing screen printing will make your product stand out from the shelf with full goods in big stores, because of these reasons as follow.

Every packaging design is a story of the label, which can show your label culture. Screen printing on glass bottles can be a better speaker who will tell the story clearer in a longer time.

Packaging should not be part of your product. If someone tears off the label of a label printing product, it will become a common bottle. You should make your product design integrated, that the shape of the product, the color, and the label. Using bottle screen printing avoids this situation, which can make your customer impressed.

Screen printing is more effective. Did you notice that some people are likely to tear off the label when they get the label printing product? Bottle screen printing is an effective way to keep your label on a product still.

Automatic bottle screen printing machine

A bottle printing machine will help you to finish your product label on the bottle. Whatever it is glass bottles or plastic bottles, bottle printing machines will help you to make your label on the product.

Bottle screen printing usually uses a round screen printing machine, which can help you print patterns on your cylindrical product, and most bottles are cylinder-shaped.

Check out examples of round screen printing machine

We have Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machines with more colors, with advanced Italy motor, speed variator and mechanical transport combined the new high-speed transport system. And our automatic bottle screen printing machine is suitable for round bottles, square bottles or special shape containers.

Our cylindrical screen printing machines are widely used for industries of daily chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, personalized water bottles business, cosmetic bottles manufacture, etc.

If you have any questions about the bottle screen printing machine, please comment, we will very pleased to provide the answer. And if you are interested in our product, please let us known. Spend an e-mail for us or connect with us.

3 thoughts on “Bottle Screen Printing vs. Bottle Labels Printing? Which Is Better for your Custom Bottles?

  1. Dorothy Lanier says:

    Bottle screen-printing offers practical advantages over paper labels most of the time because it eliminates the cost of label application and is more durable. That’s why I recommend everyone to choose bottle screen printing.

  2. Pamela Stiles says:

    Thanks for the comparison. Screen-printing offers more advantages over paper labels. It eliminates the cost of label application and is more durable.

  3. Francis Smith says:

    The initial cost that is required for bottle screen printing is low, as compared to many other printing techniques. So it’s recommended by most of the experts.

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