Tips to Choose the Best Automatic Screen Printing Machine


With the continuous development of technology, the screen printing press machine has also evolved from manual to automatic. Nowadays, automatic screen printing press machine is very common in the production market. Although we often use it, many people still know little about purchasing automatic screen printing machines. We often see that the automatic screen printing press purchased by some customers is of low quality, has poor durability, and has high prices. Therefore, if you want to choose the best automatic screen printing machine, you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

Know the Approximate Price Before Buying

Before buying, you can find some corresponding automatic printing machine manufacturers on the Internet, and you can roughly understand that the automatic screen printing machine you need to buy is the approximate price. The general brand of automatic screen printing machines is higher in quality, and the automatic screen printing machine price will be higher than ordinary ones. When buying, we must proceed from the actual situation and try to choose a higher-grade machine. If your business is relatively small or is in the development stage, you can consider buying an economical automatic screen printing machine. This saves money.

Understand the Supporting Services

Generally speaking, manufacturers of automatic screen printers will not only reminisce buyers for providing automatic printing press but also provide some supporting services and materials needed for printing. As we all know, the printing quality of an auto screen printing machine is not only related to the quality of the equipment but also related to the materials needed for the automatic printing machine to print. When you buy, don’t affect the final printing effect because of the low quality of the silkscreen material. Manufacturers provide relatively complete supporting services, which can save enterprises a lot of trouble.

Understand the After-sales Services

For large machinery such as automatic printing machines, it is inevitable that there will be problems in normal use. Therefore, after-sales service is very important. It is not easy to find a good service company. Generally, if you often cooperate with the company, it must be in the after-sales service. The conference is doing very well. If you have not contacted this company before, our suggestion is to go to the relevant company’s factory in advance to learn about related services, see the company’s strength, the mental appearance of the employees, the display of equipment, etc., and you can roughly judge the company’s after-sales service. service quality.

Number of Colors

The automatic printing press machine sold in many stores can print a limited number of colors. Moreover, most screen printing jobs are between one to three colors. Therefore, considering the floor space and capital investment, you should choose an automatic screen printing machine with the right number of colors. It depends on how much material you need to print after purchasing an automatic printing machine.

Size of Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Some auto screen printing machines can adapt to various screen sizes, while others cannot. When you decide the screen size, you should choose according to your needs. However, you have to consider the development prospects of your business. If your business continues to grow in the future, soon your automatic screen printing press machine will not be able to meet your needs. So for long-term consideration, you’d better choose a larger size within the scope of your ability.

A Good Automatic Screen Printing Machine Can Improve Efficiency

Automation is the general trend, purchasing an automatic screen printing machine can improve your work efficiency to the greatest extent. After all, who doesn’t want to cut the time in half to produce the same efficiency? In the past, it took 1 hour to complete a job, and it can be completed within half an hour after having an automatic printing press machine. The speed has increased and the production pressure has decreased. Moreover, your production capacity becomes stronger, you can accept more customer orders. After that, your business will grow better and better.

Choose One that is Easy to Maintain

Although there is after-sales service from the manufacturer of the automatic screen printing machine, if the maintenance is too troublesome, it will delay your normal production. Therefore, when you buy an automatic screen printer, be sure to ask the manufacturer about maintenance. If it is a simple problem, maybe your technician can handle it. If you cannot repair it yourself, then you will have to spend expensive maintenance costs. Also, be sure to keep your automatic screen printer clean.

Payment Method

With the development of society, payment methods have become more and more diversified. If you want to buy a larger and expensive automatic printing machine, you can choose to finance. The financing channel is the local bank. But you must make a decision based on your purchasing power, and don’t drag down your normal funds because of an automatic screen printing machine.

Other Matters Needing Attention

  1. Ensure that there is no debris on the automatic screen printing machine
  2. The user must be experienced when using the screen printing press machine to ensure that the printing speed is close to a uniform speed
  3. Pay attention to the problem of ink when using
  4. Are the accessories attached to the automatic screen press machine complete?
  5. Whether the fit of each part of the automatic printing press machine is tight, do not loosen and deform after using for a while
  6. After purchase, keep the indoor temperature and humidity stable, and adjust them according to the changes in the four seasons of the year
  7. It is necessary to select the appropriate product inks, solvents, and squeegees according to the requirements of the product itself


Automatic screen printing machine covers a wide range of fields, and it involves almost all industries. As the companies that produce automatic screen press machines on the market now have mixed good and bad, we must understand some key elements when purchasing automatic printing machines. The above are just some tips for choosing an automatic screen printing machine. All in all, you must choose the most suitable and the best automatic screen printing machine when you buy.

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