Automatic Screen Printing Machines: the Ultimate Buying Guide

I. Introduction

If you want to choose an automatic screen printing machine, you may find that your new device has endless choices, have to browse all the different types, and it can be hard to know what tools and features are most helpful. Suppose you are buying it for the first time. In that case, you need to consider many factors, such as the automatic screen printing machine price, and it is different from the semi-automatic screen printing machine. You always want to choose the best automatic screen printing machine. Next, I would like to tell you to buy a printing machine to consider the issues.

II. Why Do You Buy The Automatic Screen Printing Machine?

The first thing you should do is determine the type of machine, you want an automatic T-shirt printing machine or printing machine for bottles. When you have a big project, to get your order ready faster, the automatic screen printing machine can print for hours on end while still maintaining the printing quality. Automatic screen printing press is a significant investment in choosing the right model for your store and finding the suitable machine for your needs, which will gradually increase your customers and business profits. When you’re a startup screen printing shop, there are many different equipment options. Some printers have meager budgets, while others want the best screen printing machines.

III. The Classification Of Automatic Screen Printing Machine

1. Vertical Screen Printing Machine

It is aimed at high precision printing, such as high-tech electronics industry, overprint multicolor, online shop printing, etc. Compared with the inclined arm screen printing machine, the efficiency is low, but the accuracy is high.

2. Bevel Arm Screen Printing Machine

For packaging industry, or local UV printing, high efficiency, but low accuracy.

3. Rotary Screen Printing Machine

For the clothing industry, or CD industry, not good positioning of the industry can be taken disk type.

4. Four-post Screen Printing Machine

For the large area of the industry, such as decoration, large glass and other industries.

5. Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine

It is roll-to-roll printing for PET,PP,PC,PE and other soft materials. It is completed by the process of feeding, printing and drying in one, which is the best choice for mass production.

IV. Basic Equipment And Considerations For The Automatic Screen Printing Machine

1. Automatic Press

Keep in mind that an “8-color press” doesn’t mean you can print in 8 colors right away. I would advise a store to start with a 10-color press. This way, your store has the potential to grow into a printing business without having to make a considerable investment. Whether you want to buy a used auto screen printing machine or a brand new one, you need to consider whether it is durable.

2. Flashes

You can only ask for at most two Flash Dryer units per press

3. A Quality Compressor

Be sure to choose the best air compressor. If it breaks down, the whole operation will not work properly.

4. A Properly Sized Conveyor Dryer For Curing Ink

5.Air lines

If you have enough budget, you’d better have your air line for easy maintenance and troubleshooting. If you’re new, seek professional help from the manufacturer.

6.Screen Printing Management Software

Managing your business is crucial.

V. Factors to Consider Before Buying

1. Shop Layout

Draw out your floor plan in detail; whether there is enough space to work comfortably; whether the press feed is entered into the dryer reasonably and effectively; whether the workers can complete the work in the workshop with the shortest distance; any automatic press must have at least 3 feet of working space on all sides.

2.Your Building’s Electric Supply

Machines use a lot of power. Ask the electrician if your store has enough power to handle all your equipment. Know your building, flashlights and dryers require a lot of energy and require a 220V connection; You need three-phase power, and if the building doesn’t match, it can be an expensive expense.

VI. How to Choose the Right One For You

1. Determine If The Automatic Screen Printer Is Fully Electric Or Pneumatic

Whether electric or pneumatic, you should choose the right press. Small businesses don’t have water coolers and air compressors, so an automatic screen printing machine can help you set up large configurations in a small workshop. Because your Air Compressor and Airlines are fine, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the electric press.

2. How Many Colors Do You Need

Remember if you recently had to give up work because of the size of the machine and how many colors you can print at most. If you are new to auto screen printing, the number of colors that can be printed is usually the second number in the description, as you can see. You’ll want to choose a model that meets the color requirements of your design and provides enough screens if you have the budget to buy as many heads as you can.

3. Features for the Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic screen printing machines have a variety of features. When you buy an automatic screen printer, make sure it has all the basic controls you need. Check whether a high-tech computer controls the press.Mainly about support equipment and Electric Power system for Business setup.

4. Size Consideration for the Automatic Screen Printing Machine

We should consider the size of your storage space. If space is limited, you’d better choose a six-color screen printer. If you have enough space, you can select a 14 to 8 color automatic printer. You must purchase a printer based on your floor plan, and the screen size you choose may depend on your current needs, but you should also consider future growth and required printing capacity.

VII. The Cost Of The Automatic Screen Printing Machine

It costs between $30,000 to $80,000 to invest in a high-quality automatic screen printing machine.That cost includes everything you’ll need to get started.But there are two choices, one is to buy brand new, and the other is to buy used. You can rent it or buy it on loan. Before you do that, you should calculate whether your profits will cover the monthly rent or mortgage payments. Second-hand is relatively cheap, but you can’t guarantee if it’s still under warranty, or it may have invisible damage. That depends on whether you have enough orders to support it.

VIII. Choose Machine Manufacturer To Buy The Machine

1. The Scale of Production

enerally speaking, semi automatic screen printing machines are produced in home workshops, while fully automatic machines are sold in small factories and fully automated production lines can be customized in large factories.The size choice depends on your budget.

2. The Manufacturers

Each country has different strengths, China is an industrial power, US is a high tech power, Indian manufacturers may have low cost. Choosing the right manufacturer ensures the quality of the product. Sometimes, you can ask to visit the factory to understand their operating procedures.

3. After-sales Service

The products we buy are big machines. As time goes by, the machines may be damaged. Therefore, the quality of after-sales service directly affects our satisfaction and loyalty to the brand and products. Over time, machines can break down.

Ⅸ. Understand the Machine Ordering Process

1. Provide A Request Sheet

Fill in the request form correctly as required, so that the manufacturer can understand your requirements directly and clearly.

2. Get Quotes

Ask the manufacturer to give you a specific quotation according to the quantity and model you order, and you will see if it is appropriate. If not, we will have further communication with the manufacturer.

3.Money Order

The manufacturer has your trust. When everything is settled, ask the manufacturer about the payment method.

Ⅹ. Learning How to Use It

Automatic screen printing is very different from manual printing. Using automatic screen printing press can improve the speed of T-shirt printing, but without adequate training and skilled technology, you will also destroy the batch of T-shirts as quickly as possible. Here’s what I wish you knew before you started using an automatic printer:

1.A Great Tip For Wet to Wet Printing

you should keep your press at around 140 degrees F (60 degrees C) for best wet to wet printing.

2.Mesh Control And Screen Tension

These two factors are very important for successful printing, to understand the mesh number, to pay attention to the screen tension, and to dig deeper into the screen mechanics.

3.Pressing The Flash Twice is Enough

For most jobs, two flash dryers can do what you need.

Ⅺ. Conclusion

The above is about how to buy an automatic screen printing machine brief description.If you still have questions about this aspect, or want to communicate with us, welcome to contact us at any time. We are willing to answer for you.

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