Top 10 Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine


Are you looking for a pet bottle screen printing machine? Do you want to print it yourself at home? Or want to start a pet bottle screen printing business? In either case, a pet bottle printing machine is a problem you cannot avoid.

In recent years, the pet bottle screen printing business has flooded the market, and the demand for pet bottle printing machines is also growing. Now we will introduce the top 10 pet bottle screen printing machines. If you’re looking for the right machine, you’ve come to the right page. We will help you choose the best pet bottle screen printing machine.

10 Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine Overview

This is the most complete list of pet bottle screen printing machines. You’ll find what you’re looking for. Let’s have a look at the 10 pet bottle screen printing machine.

Top1 One Color Automatic Cosmetic Pet Screen Printing Machine

OS-175 provides an unparalleled power experience. This pet bottle screen printing machine is an automatic UV screenprinting machine that can print one color. It can be used to screenprint on rigid or flexible plastic tubes and pet bottles. Your container must be a cylinder with a maximum diameter of 75mm. The OS-175’s configuration is very complete. This includes the European-made main drive motor, intelligent UV curing device, and the feeding belt.


  • High-speed vertical rotary pet bottle screen printing machine.
  • Print speed up to 80ppm.
  • Adjustable blade angle and height.
  • Transitions and Setup are easy and quick.
  • Equip with flame treatment and deionizing device.
  • Has a mechanically synchronized print head.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

Model NO.:OS-175
Print product size (DiameterxLength):Ø10mm-Ø75mm, L: 20mm-230mm
Max. print area:236x170mm
Max. printing speed:60-80 pcs/min
Registration tolerance:+/- 0.2
Drive:Mechanical driven
Control system:OMRON PLC & Touch Screen
Stations:12 stations
Deionizing device:1 unit
Flame treating system:1 unit
Print head:1 unit
UV system:1 unit intelligent UV system
UV lamp power:3.6 KW
Pneumatic parts:Japan SMC
Photoelectric Sensor:Japan Keyence
Frequency Converter:Japan OMRON
IndexerJapan SANKYO
Electrical Supply:380V/480V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Air requirement:6-8 bar
Power consumption:4.5 KW
Machine Dimension (LxWxH):1500x1180x1900mm
Weight:1500 KG

Top 2 Semi-Automatic Round Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine

OS-400 is a multifunctional semi-automatic pet bottle screen printing machine that’s well-designed. This machine can print up to 110mm. It is designed to print oval and round objects like cups and bottles. This pet bottle printing machine is ideal for all purposes thanks to its easy-to-use PCB board control, precise mechanical registration, and a pneumatic drive. With a simple change of the die, you can print up to 1,200 pieces per hour.


  • Pneumatically controlled shock absorbers.
  • You can adjust the angle and tilt of your screen frame.
  • Controls for PCB boards that are easy to use.
  • Vertical lift adjustable in height.
  • Pendant table with X/Y/R position.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

Model Number:OS-400
Drive System:Pneumatic
Frame Up/Down Stroke:100mm (3.94″)
Maximum Print Area Round: Maximum Print Area Oval: Maximum Print Area Flat:110mm (4.33″) Ø340mm (13.39″) Arc Length 200 x 320mm (7.87″ x 12.60″)
Working Table Size:250 x 350mm (9.84″ x 13.78″)
Table Adjustment:X,Y ± 15mm / θ 15 °
Maximum Screen Frame Size:380 x 580mm (14.96″ x 22.83″)
Screen Frame Thickness:18 – 25mm (0.71″ -0.98″)
Squeegee Angle:0-15°
Printing Cycle Speed:1,200 cycles/hr
Squeegee Speed:20/min
Squeegee Pressure:2 – 4 Bar
Electric Source:110V/220V 50-60Hz 50W
Air Pressure Input:80 psi
Air Consumption:0.7 L/cycle
Machine Weight:150 kg (330.69 lbs)
Machine Weight (including crating):230 kg (507.06 lbs)
Dimensions (L x W x H):1,000 x 950 x 1,400mm
Crate Dimensions:1,080 x 1,010 x 1,520mm

Top 3 One Color Automatic Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine

OS-767-1C, a fully automated UV curing single color screen printing bottle machine is also known as single-color UV screenprinting bottle machine. You can print square, round and oval bottles with it. You can print metal, plastic, and glass bottles. This 1 color automatic screen printing machine can print 4200 bottles an hour, which is one of its greatest advantages.


  • The printing speed of up to 4200 bottles/hour, 22 pieces/minute.
  • It can print on oval, square, and round bottles.
  • High stability mechanically-driven bottle transport.
  • A smart UV system lowers energy consumption.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

Model NO.:OS-767-1C
Round container size:Diameter: φ10-100mm, Height: 30-260mm
Round container max. print area:L 260 x W220mm
Oval container size:R: 10-250mm, Height: 30-260mm
Oval container max. print area:L 120 x W220mm
Drive:Mechanical Driven
Control system:OMRON PLC & Touch Screen
Max. printing capacity:70 pcs/min
Registration tolerance:+/- 0.2 mm
Infeed conveyor:1 unit, length: 2 meters
Deionizing device:1 unit
Flame treating system:1 unit, LP gas
Print head:1 unit
UV system:1 unit intelligent UV system, 5KW per each
Outfeed conveyor:1 unit, Length: 2 meters
Frequency Converter:OMRON
Pneumatic parts:FESTO or SMC
Electrical:380V 3phase 50Hz
Air requirement:5-7 bar
Air consumption:85 liter/ minute max. (per color)
Power consumption:5.4 KW/color x 1
Machine size(LxWxH):Main machine: 2300x1800x1700mm
Weight:1600 KG

Top 4 Mineral Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine

This is a 1 color pet bottle screen printing machine. Maximum printing area up to 220 x 360 mm. This PA-400N cylinder printing machine to print on pet bottles. It has perfect design and innovative technology. It is very good to ensure good printing quality. The machine’s accessories, like squeegee, pressure, speed, leveling, stroke, etc. are adjustable. This design adapts to your various printing needs.


  • Advanced computerized system control.
  • Equipped with LED digital counter.
  • Suitable for printing on round, cylindrical, oval, or flat surfaces.
  • Driven adoption of FESTO.
  • Both manual and semi-automatic modes.
  • The screen frame can be adjusted.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Printing Machine:

No. Of color:1color (can be color-process)
Max Printing area:220× 360 mm
Air pressure:6 Bar
Air consumption:70 liter/min
Power voltage:AC 220V 50Hz
Power consumption:50W
Machine dimension:980× 1360× 1300mm
Machine weight:180Kg
Application area:mineral water bottles, cans, lid, bottle, cylinder
Gross Weight:180kg

Top 5 Automatic Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine

LC Printing Machine Factory Limited is a renowned pet bottle screen printing manufacturer. Our products are exported to more than forty countries including the United States. This is an easy-to-operate machine to print on pet bottles. it is controlled by a microprocessor. When you receive this machine you will see a tool kit and instruction manual. It will guide you step by step. This is a multifunctional pet bottle screen printing machine that is suitable for all-around, oval, rectangular, flat, and conical-shaped bottles. The most user-friendly part of the machine is that it comes with an oval, flat, and round table. This will increase your work efficiency.


  • Microprocessor control, simple operation, stable and accurate operation.
  • Built-in 4-bit automatic counter.
  • Cast aluminum frame, lightweight, high strength, easy to adjust.
  • The squeegee can automatically keep the balance during the printing process.
  • The ink cup is reversible and adjustable in up, down, left, and right directions.
  • Extra-long slider stroke, able to print large size workpiece.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

The number of colors:Multi-color
Applications:For plastic bottles
Other characteristics:Flatbed, semi-automatic
Printing speed:1,800 p/h

Top 6 Screen Printing Machine to Print on Pet Bottles

This pet bottle screen printing machine is specially designed for printing cylindrical products with a diameter of 120mm. Such as mugs, tubes, pens, and other cylindrical containers. The use of world-renowned drive pneumatic components is what sets this pet bottle printing machine apart from other machines. It is an intelligent motor-driven printing machine with advanced PLC. It runs smoothly, is easy to adjust, and has safety devices. The printing speed can be fully digitally controlled and easy to operate. The warranty is 1 year and lifetime maintenance.


  • The squeegee adopts a guide pillar structure. It can move smoothly from left to right, and also can guarantee the printing quality.
  • The number of printing times can be set according to your needs.
  • Microcomputer control, stable function.
  • Two programs of single-cycle and automatic printing can be set.
  • Can remember the set program.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

Item Number:US-360A
Max printing Diameter120mm
Mini Printing diameter10mm
Max screen Frame size400x 650 mm
Max printing area:300x 400mm
Worktable SQC Size30x 9mm
SQC holder Length:100mm or 200mm
Air consumption2/ Cycle
Air Expend/ cycling2.1L
Printing Speed1400 pcs/ hour
Screen Frame stroke to up and down80mm
Voltage of source220V/ 1 phase 50 HZ
Net Weight160Kg
Dimension800mm x 700mmx 1500mm

Top 7 Semi Automatic Round Pet Screen Printing Machine

This is a semi-automatic round-screen printing machine to print on pet bottles, glass bottles, aluminum water bottles, and blow-molded bottles. And it is a reliable and professional factory that produces pet bottle printing equipment with more than 18 years of experience. Most importantly, this company accepts customized business and can produce machines according to your requirements. This machine comes with a grader and casters that can be controlled by a footswitch. There is also a synchronized bottle filling system with the regulator.


  • With shock absorber, pneumatic control.
  • Rodless cylinder control for printing stroke
  • Squeegee tilt degree and height-adjustable.
  • Adjustable angle and tilt of screen frame.
  • Squeegee pressure can be adjusted with a pressure gauge.

Top 8 Automatic Plastic and Pet Bottle Printing Machine

S106 multi-color automatic screen printing machine is specially designed for all kinds of bottle decoration. This pet bottle screen printing machine manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience. Fully capable of providing all kinds of printing machines. 3-color printing can be performed in only one process. And the machine has PLC control with a touch screen display.


  • With automatic loading belt.
  • Mechanical drive system.
  • Automatic unloading function.
  • PLC with touch screen.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

Parameter \ ItemS106
Power380VAC 3Phases 50/60Hz
Air consumption5-7 bars
Printing speedAbout 30pcs/min
Printing Diameter25–100mm
Printing Length50-300mm

Top 9 Semi-Automatic Paper Plastic Cup Bottle Screen Printing Machine

The LC-PA300E silk printing machine is multifunctional and can be used to print on flat, oval, or cylinder-shaped products such as plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic. It comes with a microcomputer control screen, so it has a high degree of automation. And it is easy to operate. There is a four-digit automatic counter, which is convenient to record the number of prints. All in all, this pet bottle printing machine is very suitable for novice users.


  • Four-digit automatic counter.
  • The lift table can realize automatic oil scraping and oil return.
  • Both route and speed are adjustable.
  • The squeegee is self-balancing and can balance the printing pressure.
  • High precision, convenient and quick adjustment.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

Model NumberLC-300E
Supported printing shapesFlat / Oval / Cylinder
Voltage220V / 110V
Driving methodpneumatic
Max printing flat area260*220mm
Printing diameter82mm
Working air supply6 bar
Max printing speed1300 pcs/hour
Printing colorone by one
Machine size850*850*1280mm
Machine weight115 kg

Top 10 Fully Automatic PET Bottle Printing Machine

Techno Industries was established in 2005. Today it has become a well-known printing press manufacturer. The product range includes single-color screen printers, multi-color screen printers, and screen printers. With its distinctive features, it has been widely recognized in the market. This is a fully automatic 3-color pet bottle screen printing machine. Synchronized with IR/UV dryer for ink drying.


  • High efficiency, no problem printing 2500 bottles in one hour.
  • Fully Automatic. Easier and faster.

Specifications of This Pet Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

Capacity2500 Bottle per hour
Object To Be PrintedPET Bottle PP Bottle
Brand/MakeTechno Bottle Printing Series
Automation GradeFully Automatic
Model/TypeScreen Printing on Bucket and container
Usage/ApplicationPrinting on Bottle jar Bucket
Minimum Order Quantity1

Which is The Best for You?

It’s hard to say which one is the best. Each machine has different strengths and weaknesses. But my choices have been listed in order. The important thing is that each machine is unique. It is most important to pick the best one for you based on the performance of the product.

Final Thought

Above is my list of pet bottle screen printing machines for you to choose from. Do you want to use it yourself or start a pet bottle printing business? I think you have your own answer. In general, you have to choose the right product according to your needs.

Whichever one you choose, I hope you have got the right information. And I sincerely hope I can help you.

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