The Ultimate Guide to Custom Bottles


Custom bottles production benefits small and big businesses that sell something to customers. As the initial point of contact with your consumer, bottles, and packaging are vital to your success in today’s hyper-competitive industry.

If we want our items to stand out on a shelf full of other products in a large shop, we must make sure that they are packaged in a way that piques the interest of consumers and encourages them to purchase. Choosing the specialized custom bottles screen printing tools for your product label is a critical component of package design.

The Process of Custom Bottles

Bottle screen printing is always referred to as cylindrical screen printing or round screen printing. Ink is always applied directly to the custom bottle’s surface on a round bottle screen printing equipment. 

The durable printing gives it a sleek, attractive, and instantly identifiable appearance. Currently, bottle screen printing is widely utilized in a variety of food and beverage products such as olive oils, high-end wines, spirits, as well as beers, and other non-alcoholic drinks.

These are the elements that make up the custom bottles screen printing machine:

  • Bowl feeder with the auto in-deed system
  • USA SIMO anti-static device
  • Optical re-registration sensor
  • Hot stamping plus heat transfer system

Screen printing is a way of decorating a container by forcing ink through a photographically treated screen. To apply each color, we must use a new screen. 

Epoxy-based and UV-curable inks are only two examples of the various options available. Both the artwork and the product to be filled may influence ink choices. 

However, the amount of time and exposure required for curing inks varies significantly from one task to the next. Adhesion and durability can be achieved only if this process is well understood.

Screen printing is ideal for:

  • Plastic Bottles & Jars
  • Glass bottles, jars, and vials
  • Tins & Cans of Metal

Custom Bottles Pros and Cons

Custom bottle screen printing has certain advantages:

  • Because of the custom bottle process, the patterns on the products are more durable. It can withstand poor weather, water, and even VU light. If you choose this printing method, your package won’t be damaged by squeezing during shipping. Glass bottles with screen-printed labels tend to be more robust than those with labels attached to them.
  • Your product’s branding and marketing will benefit from using multiple color combinations, even when bottle screen printing is not utilized with digital printing.
  • The more printing you do, the lower your costs will be. Using a custom bottle screen printing machine is a little like using an assembly line. However, using this printing method for only one product is too costly. The more you do, the less expensive it is to do so when it comes to printing costs.
  • You can customize bottle with a single screen as much as you want. It may be used to decorate bottles over an extended period. After making the screen, it may be utilized again and over again.

Even though it is generally good, personalized bottle screen printing has a few drawbacks:

  • You’ll need a lot of room to store your items and resources. Materials and finished items take up more space as your business grows. If you print your items this manner, you may need to put the SKUs for the product.
  • Getting it wrong costs a lot of money, therefore don’t make a mistake. Custom bottle screen printing has the drawback of being rigid due to its characteristics. A little mistake may cost a lot of money.

Why You Need a Custom Bottles Printing

It’s a great way to spread the word about your company and provide a present to your staff or customers at the same time. Furthermore, the amount of trash generated by discarding single-use plastic water bottles is reduced. Many factors must be considered, including your personalised water bottles form, color, design, and ounce capacity. It’s also crucial to think about who you’re trying to reach and what they do for a living. 

Promotional items provide a plethora of advantages. 83% of customers reported that they are more inclined to conduct business with the brand than other brands, according to PPAI consumer research. According to the Direct Marketing Association study, a promotional item like personalised drink bottles is more likely to be passed on to a friend or family member than to be kept by the recipient. There’s no arguing with the facts here! When you use promotional merchandise to promote your business, you’ll notice positive outcomes.

Types of Custom Bottles

Custom Bottles Material

Personalized bottles come in various materials, and we’ve done our best to provide you with the information you need to make an educated selection.

Plastic Bottles

If you’re searching for light and inexpensive custom printed water bottles, plastic is the way to go. Suitable for high-energy events, sports teams, and children.

Glass Bottles

Because they’re easily broken, glass water bottles are perfect for less active clients, as they can store both hot and cold beverages.

Aluminum Bottles

Because these aluminum custom bottles are recyclable, they are an excellent choice. Customers seeking a more environmentally friendly alternative will love this product!

Stainless Steel Bottles

Custom drink bottles made of stainless steel are very long-lasting and can keep liquids cool for a long time, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.


Custom bottles made from recycled materials are a great way to preserve our world.

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Several products are created from recycled PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate. Recycled PET custom bottles are a great way to help save the environment!


There are many uses for recycled custom water bottles, including making new products!


There are never two identical custom bottles! In the world of custom bottles, there are numerous unique features you can have.

Insulated Bottle

Insulated custom bottles can keep your drink cool all day long.

Bottle with a Handle

Specialized custom bottles with a handle are a godsend for people who like trekking and the great outdoors. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting your water bottle at home!

Bottle with Straw

It’s ideal for youngsters since it’s simple to operate. It’s not a good idea for those who exercise a lot since they can’t replenish their fluids as rapidly.

Bottle with Filter

Use these filtered water bottles to ensure that your water is always safe. Hiking and camping vacations will be a breeze with this backpack!

Carabiner Water Bottle

Using carabiners, water bottles may be attached to backpacks, bags, or belts.

Custom Beverage Bottles

The screen printing never stops only for a water bottle!

Custom Alcohol Bottles

Specific glass bottle specs are now essential for the distillation of spirits or the production of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, your personalised alcohol bottles must be made of glass.

Custom Wine Bottles

It’s very uncommon for custom wine bottles to be made of extremely thick glass. Personalised wine bottle now includes at least 15% and up to 50% recycled glass, or cullet, in their construction.

Custom Prosecco Bottles

Prosecco is a trademarked name for several sparkling wines created in countries other than Italy. Personalised prosecco bottles will make it more exclusive. Frizzante (fizzy) and Spumante (sparkling) are the two most common bubbly types (fully sparkling).

Custom Beer Bottles

When it comes to brewing, beer has always been served in glass bottles (or poured into glassware, for that matter). Today, cans or aluminum personalised beer bottle is the most extensively used replacements to glass beer containers in retail sales.

Screen Printing Machines for Custom Bottles

Here are a few examples of custom bottle screen printing machines we have:

OS-767-1C  Screen Printing Machine

It is an automated one-color custom bottle screen printing machine that uses UV to dry up the colors, also known as a UV screen-printer. It has a high-speed printing capability of 4200 bottles per hour, a mechanical drive with high stability operating, and accurate color reproduction.

An exact color-to-color print registration of up to 70 bottles per minute is provided by a DC motor-controlled linear walking beam system in the OS-767 series of precision UV container screen printing machines.

It is possible to use the optional automated bowl feeder to insert either round or oval bottles (just like personalised bottles of wine) into the UV-cured screen printing, where they are automatically aligned and delivered. Bottles are immediately heat-treated and sent through each successive printing and UV curing station.

Automated UV Screen Printing Machine

The mechanically driven automatic UV silk screen printing machine has several benefits over the pneumatically operated equipment, such as the following:

  • A Much Larger Capacity to Work
  • Mechanically driven means lower noise and more steadiness.
  • Multi-color printing with high precision and flawless registration
  • Quick and simple tooling change between oval, round, and flat bottle and container shapes.
  • Equipped with an electronic control UV curing system that allows the UV density to be adjusted from 0% to 100%.

Final Thoughts

You may use a custom bottle printing machine to label the bottle and put your branding on it. Custom bottle printing equipment can let you put your brand on any bottle, whether it’s glass or plastic.

Most bottles are cylindrical. Thus bottle screen printing employs round screen printing equipment that may help you create patterns on your cylindrical goods.

We have automatic bottle screen printing machines with more colors, sophisticated Italian motors, speed variator, and mechanical transport integrated with the new high-speed transport system. In addition, our custom automated bottle screen printing equipment can design your own water bottle on a variety of container shapes, including round, square, and custom.

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