How to Choose the Best Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer

Finding the right printing press for your business can be overwhelming. The best way to find what you need is to identify the best screen printing machine manufacturer. Some manufacturers make manual screen printers only. Others make automatic and manufacture both automatic and manual screen printing machines.

When looking for a machine, having your information ready before making inquiries is essential. You should be able to answer supplier questions regarding your business with precision. This helps the supplier to determine the machine that best suits your business.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right screen printer manufacturer.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer

Rule of Thumb: Get Several Quotations

This is a general rule in life; options give you an advantage. Get at least three quotations before deciding on your screen printing machine manufacturer. This helps you determine the average price of your preferred machine. It will also hint at where to draw the line when negotiating.

Manufacturer Reputation/ Reliability

Avoid rushing into decisions. If you are buying a screen printing machine for your shop, it has to meet all your business needs. Ensure you buy from a trusted screen printing equipment manufacturer. Even if you run short of time, do your due diligence on your short-listed manufacturers.

In the modern world, you can check a manufacturer’s reputation online. Read previous customer reviews. Pay attention to every complaint published by previous buyers. A reliable screen printing supplier will have a consumer rating of more than four stars out of five.


Price cannot be the sole deciding factor when choosing a screen printer manufacturer. But, it is an important consideration. Usually, everyone has a price figure in mind before entering the market. To avoid messing up your budget, choose a manufacturer within that range.

A costly machine may affect your business operations if it is within your budget. A cheap one may produce substandard quality. This will affect your reputation as a screen printing business owner.


It would be best if you bought from a stable manufacturer. Consider a supplier with years of industry experience in screen printing machines. Long-existing manufacturers have industry experience and enough personnel to handle technical support.

Financial stability is another essential factor to consider. Avoid doing business with a manufacturer who might face liquidation in the next year or two. Check the credit score of a manufacturer before committing to do business with them. You can also ask the company to provide a few of their past clients as a reference.

Manufacturer’s Response Time

Today, you can contact a manufacturer without meeting them in person. Once you send out several inquiries, note the time a supplier takes to respond. This is the first indicator of a supplier’s reliability. It tells you how fast they respond when you need technical support with the machine.

How Concerned is The Manufacturer?

This is important. And how do you know how concerned the manufacturer is? By noting how many questions they ask. A concerned manufacturer will want to take note of your needs before taking your money. He should ask concise and thoughtful questions about your business. For instance, a screen printing machine supplier should ask about your available space. Screen printing equipment takes up a lot of space. As a manufacturer, he will know the suitable machine for you once you tell him about your available space.

A screen printing machine manufacturer who does not care will let you carry the machine. If you find out later that you need more space, he will tell you to hire a larger space. This will increase your problems rather than solve them.

Distance to Your Printing Shop

The distance between your supplier and your printing shop is critical. Do not go overseas if you can find the machine locally. Purchasing from a distant manufacturer will increase the freight charges and delivery time. Getting technical support is easy and quick if you buy from a local manufacturer or supplier.

If you are still looking for your preferred machine from a local supplier, choose a manufacturer with local support centers. The point here is not to cut the purchasing price but the maintenance cost.

Top Best Screen Printing Machine Manufacturers

Now that you know how to identify the right manufacturer, below are some of the most reliable screen printer manufacturers in 2023.


M&R is the world’s largest screen printing machine manufacturer. The company supplies to the graphics and textile industries. It is popular for its many patented innovations. The manufacturer has won awards for setting the standard for innovation in the screen printing industry.

M&R builds some of the most advanced and reliable screen printing equipment. They have over 50 professional technicians. And to maintain the high quality of its products, the company trains its staff regularly.

M&R has been in the screen printing industry since 1985. Its headquarters are in Roselle, Illinois, United States of America. M&R screen printing machines include:

  • Automatic screen printing machine
  • Textile screen printing equipment
  • Screen exposure units & cts systems
  • Graphic screen printing equipment
screen printer manufacturer

Auto Print Tech

Auto Print Tech is one of the most famous screen printing equipment manufacturers in China. The company has been in business since 2006. It provides the industry with manual and semi-automatic screen printing machines. Their machines are among the most affordable and most reliable in the market.

The company’s team of professionals is always ready to serve you. Auto Print Tech also offers free installation, training, and maintenance as after-sale services. Auto Print Tech has headquarters in Dong Guan, China. Its screen printing equipment includes:

  • Automatic screen printing machine
  • Pad printing and screen printing equipment
  • Cylindrical screen printing machine
  • Flat screen printing machine
  • Automatic UV screen printing machine
  • Printing machine consumables
screen print manufacturer

Vastex International, Inc

Vastex International Inc. is one of the oldest manufacturers of screen printing equipment. The company has been in business since 1960. Over the years, Vastex has provided the industry with precision screen printing equipment.

Vastex introduced automatic screen machines in their product list to increase production efficiency. Over the years, Vastex has enhanced its products through continued innovations. Vastex also offers training courses to suit different levels of screen printing expertise, from beginners to intermediate and expert levels. Vastex commits to providing satisfying services to its customers all over the world. Its screen printing equipment includes:

  • Screen printing presses
  • Automatic screen printing machines
  • Screen coaters
  • Screen drying cabinets
  • Screen exposing units
  • Complete screen printing shops
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Printex UE S.C

Printex UE S.C. is a dynamic manufacturer of printing machines. The company was founded in 2004. It has a wealth of expertise and experience in screen printing machine manufacturing.

Printex’s official website shows that most manufacturers focus on large printing companies. Printex UE S.C. manufactures machines for small and medium-sized printing shops. It also sells its products through leasing with a letter of credit. The company headquarters are in Moscow, Russia. Its screen printing equipment includes:

  • Screen exposure units
  • Manual screen printing carousel machines
  • Automatic screen printing carousel machines for textile
  • Automatic screen printing carousel machines for graphic
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Screen printing lets designers and creative companies create custom designs on different materials. While the market has many screen printing machines, knowing your manufacturer is important. Understand your manufacturer before purchasing the screen printing machine. It will save you time and money.

This article highlights essential factors when choosing the best screen printer manufacturer. We have also mentioned some of the world’s top screen printing machine manufacturers. Use the information to source the best screen printer for your printing shop.

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